Creative projects. Christian Fernandez Miron


My solo musical alias is fascinated with small instruments and the notion of intimacy

Howlin' for Rigodón (collaboration with Peludos)
- Scandinavian School in Madrid, 2012 -

Summary of Ladyfest Madrid with soundtrack by Sef
- More info. Rooftop of CA2M (Picnic Sessions), 2013 -

Sef + ELM band - Your Car
- El Juglar, Madrid 2011 -

Dear New York (original soundtrack)
- Video by Luis Úrculo for ZARA, 2012 -

Photo: Alba Colomo
- Living Room Festival, Madrid 2010 -

Sef, Barrunto Bellota & Fee Reega @ AVLAB: Folclore y modernidad
- Medialab-Prado, Madrid 2011 -

Sef and Nathaniel Robin Mann - Just a Gigolo (cover)
- La Casa de los Jacintos, Madrid 2010 -

Sef - Abre un ojo / Fast Gallery 4 kit
- NUDO, Madrid 2010 -

Sef - Gracias por el pelo
- La Casa de los Jacintos, Madrid 2010 -

Sef - Danger in promises
- NUDO, Madrid 2010 -

Sef - Suso's song
- Opening for Fancie, visuals by Takosuke.
Espacio menosuno, Madrid 2010 -

0:50 Experimental Little Monkey - Nuclear War (cover)
- CA2M Centro de Arte 2 de Mayo, Madrid 2010 -

Sef - The beating of the drum
- Opening for Plaster of Paris. Don Tablón, Madrid 2007 -

Sef and Nathaniel Robin Mann - Weeping Mary (cover)
- La Casa de los Jacintos, Madrid 2010 -

Upcoming concerts

October 30, 7:30pm
Dingus Dingus Khan's De-Consecrated Roadshow consists of five nights of music and poetry in five different churches. On the 30th, Sef along with The Rev. Dr. Ian Prolix, Justsomeguy and Josh Sandider (Animal Noise) will perform in the medieval Church of St Martin's (Colchester, Essex). Entrance is pay-what-you-can. Facebook event.

November 7
Small concert in collaboration with Sole Parody (Le Parody) in the pre-screening of Stockholm, the award-winning movie by Caballo Films which inspired my song of the same name (featured in the official trailer). The Original Soundtrack includes music by Edredón, The Folding and the Point (now TERRITOIRE), Nothing Places, Sef, Peter Memmer and Lucas Bolaño (ELM). Cines Capitol, Madrid.

Concert-presentation-screening of Sef's first album, video and making-of... (here is a sort of preview).


Here are some videos of my musical alias Sef, on my own or playing alongside dear friend Nathaniel Robin Mann. I am always thrilled to perform, specially in unusual venues and intimate formats (like the Conciertos mínimos we organise from ¡jA!).

I've shared the stage with some of these local bands: Experimental Little Monkey, Wild Honey, Ajo, The Secret Society, Sacramento, Los llamados perdidos, Pozo, Black Mama, On Your Bike; as well as some bands from abroad like Plaster of Paris (UK), Thinguma*jigSaw (Norway), Dead Rat Orchestra (UK), Zan Hoffman (USA), Laurelin Kruse (USA) or Fancie (USA/Germany).

Some venues I have played in Madrid: Estampa, La dinamo, La casa de los jacintos, Espacio Menosuno, La Casa Encendida, Espacio Espora, NUDO, La Casa de Galicia... as well as Palau de la Música (Barcelona), Castillo del homenaje (Moratalla, Murcia), Wah-Wah (Valencia, chosen by Matthew Herbert as finalist for Heineken Greenspace) or El Bolche (A Coruña).

Also on myspace!

My other musical inclinations: free improvisation.