Creative projects. Christian Fernandez Miron
June 28, 2022
Libérate. LGTBI+ elders

Libérate ("free yourself") sung El Titi, giving voice and colour to Spain in the end of the 21st century. We pay tribute to this artist, and to a whole generation made invisible, with the first mediation project directed towards LGTBI+ elders coming from the Teatro Fernán Gómez. Centro Cultural de la Villa. Javier Vaquero and Christian Fernández Mirón, along with a bunch of LGBTI+ performing arts and activist collaborators (clown, wardrobe, magic, drag, dance, music, etc) are looking for LGBTI+ elders that want to have fun, socialise and learn more about the theatre and themselves. No experience is required, just curiosity. During the 2022-2023 season we will meet bi-weekly to share, create and remember. We'll see performances, talk, play and by the end of the process perform our very own amateur cabaret, thus sharing what we've learned and celebrating what brings us together and makes us different. All the information and sign-up here:

April 22, 2022
Músicas memorables II

We conclude the second edition of Músicas memorables (Sevilla, Palma and Zaragoza) by sharing these recordings, which gather a careful selection of song and conversation. You will find jotas, zarzuelas, sevillanas, versions, experiments and ditties. The themes span from tongues and punishment to courtship and celebration. After the tour of (re)encounters and public presentations in the three cities –despite the pandemic pause– we close this chapter that feeds from its first, the oral tradition laboratories with groups of elders, and its second, the listening and composing residency of our artistic trio: Sole Parody, Julián Mayorga and Christian Fernández Mirón. Along with hablarenarte, I am very proud to continue the project with good conditions thanks to the support of Fundación "la Caixa". Listen (and read about the process and anecdotes, in Spanish!) at

January 30, 2022
A sound walk

For the third edition of Mediación extendida (MedExt21), we mapped the surroundings of the Sala de Arte Joven and summoned a group representing different neighbourhood, cultural and family associations to learn more about the frontier territory between Prosperidad and Guindalera, its history and connections. Thus also paying attention to the neighbourhood which has surrounded the institution for over thirty years: a due interaction. Throughout the year 2021, we visited the SAJ exhibition programme, explored the area and each associations space to know them and each other better. We finish each edition of MedExt with a return, a small cultural production which helps share what we have lived and learned. For this edition it is a map of anecdotes and and yearnings, one that alllows us to see and walk through the neighborhood in new ways, with the voices and stories of our learning group.

Two related articles:
Prospereando (local platform).
El mundo (Ruth Díaz).

September 16, 2021
Condeduque: Mediation

We open the second season of Centro de Cultura Contemporánea Condeduque, where I curate and accompany the Mediation projects. It is an honor and a challenge to be responsible of an area as necessary as it is unusual —and somewhat misunderstood, due to its open and participatory nature— in todays cultural institutions. Mediating is inviting, escorting, listening, sharing. It is relational processes, learning groups, workshops and encounters, people and communities, dances and parties, nocturnal walks and urban drifts. As our artistic director, Natalia Álvarez Simó, said during the presentation, quoting Marina Garcés, "this is an invitation to understand the present so as to be able to imagine the future". The cultural delegate of Madrid's town hall, Andrea Levy, spoke of a space to inform critical citizens, claiming empathy and provocation. I hold on to these words, and as for me I will keep working from a commitment with contemporaneity. That is, with diversity and access, from inclusive language, critical (and self-critical) thought, pleasure and reflection. Complete programme:

May 7, 2021
Fantastical, unreal, imaginary

A workshop about the city: not what it is but what it could become. Jara Blanco and I have designed this battery of pedagogical resources, aimed at Primary and Secondary teachers, for Matadero Madrid and inspired by the 12 fábulas urbanas exhibition. Via a web format and free access, the contents can be adapted to the time each educator has and their groups interests. Debating, exploring and playing with subjects such as the coexistence of living beings and the food of the future (Primary), the aesthetics of discomfort and the political potential of public space and the memesphere (Secondary). We include a glossary with key concepts and additional resources around these themes, so any interested person may access here.

May 31, 2020
Como la palma
de mi mano

One year ago I started inspecting the Museo Reina Sofía closely. It's collection, it's building and team. The ambitious commission was to create experimental itineraries through the website, an autonomous mediation project. The challenge of mediating without being present –bearing in mind how important presence and intimacy is in my work– underwent a turn with the arrival of COVID-19. During the confinement, Como la palma de mi mano prioritised the virtual itineraries, conceived for free, online, use on any mobile device. The first of these itineraries is Mapa para familias expandidas. The next one, El museo invisible will delve into the cracks of the museum though works that are not shown in it's physical space, and the voices of workers that inhabit and caretake but we rarely listen to (it's pretty meta). And soon we will publish an itinerary specially designed for the education community. Thank you to the Education team, their project GIRA and to the museum for this collaboration.

February 3, 2020
Del todo imposible

In a space dedicated to that which is fleeting and emerging, can there be memory and ways for it to return? Who collects these stories and what potential do they hold? I applied for the third time to the curatorial call Se busca comisario and my project was chosen! Del todo imposible (a word game I'd translate as The impossibility of an all) will be an exhibition, a publication and a public programme (September 9 to November 1, 2020) that will reflect on the particularities, contradicions, impossibilities and potentials of the Sala de Arte Joven de Madrid. In collaboration with twelve artists, mediators, collectives and associations, the project will explore the limits of "young art", the institutional inside/outside, the (im)possibility of memory and travelling through time. With AMECUM, Antonia Viau, Clara Moreno Cela, Desmusea, GVILLE, Jordi Ferreiro, Mateo Maté, Miguel Ángel Rebollo, Miriam Fernández Lara and Onyx.

September 23, 2019
Mediating performing arts

Last year I received an exciting challenge by Natalia Álvarez Simó, then director of the (now extinct) Centro Danza Canal, to become their mediation adviser. Not being that sure what this role could entail (what is mediation in performing arts, and more importantly, what can it be?), I spend the final months of 2018 experimenting with methodologies and formats that helped me develop our public programmes throughout all of 2019, accompanying the almost twenty resident companies of the year, helping them design different activities with which to take the audience-artist relationship a step further. Rethink how the institution interacts with the city's inhabitants through a public programme that is unfolding in diverse formats such as screenings, actions, reading sessions, walks and laboratories; as well as exploring different groups with which we may interact, communities and institutional links (from a writing and flamenco workshop in a women's prison –photo, with La Chachi–, to an activity around the body as a landscape with a classical museums mediators, to name a few).

August 27, 2019
El Ministerio
de la correspondencia

I've spent this summer in Medellín as an international resident, chosen with Anupam Singh by Casa Tres Patios, an initiative dedicated to art, education and social justice. I have been researching, sharing and learning with local agents and mediation teams in institutions and independent spaces, getting to know more about Colombia (this is my third visit, after performing in Cali and teaching in Bogota at NC-2018), it's history and context. I also wanted to work with the surrounding communities during my stay, and C3P had been wanting to develop some form of interaction with them for years. I made up this institution, El Ministerio de la Correspondencia (the stamp and manila envelopes made it official!), and every few days became a gossipy mailman, collecting and delivering letters in my route around the block. I organised a network of pen-pals with neighbours, shopkeepers, children, elders, and some of the 'inquilinatos' where Venezuelan migrants share precarious housing, disconnected from social life in the block. Here there is a lot of fear in the air, and this tiny project simply tried to make the block a little bit lighter. Before my departure, we organised a get-together and invited everyone to come, have some food and meet face to face. Thanks to my parceras Stefanía Rodríguez and Alix Camacho.

January 14, 2019
Memorable music

Músicas memorables stems from a dream, one of those crazy ideas I always wanted to do but thought was impossible. It is becoming reality thanks to my collaboration with hablarenarte, with who I presented the proposal to the annual call for submissions Art for Change. We were selected! Now it is starting to set and mutate. Throughout 2019 I will develop the three phases, singing and telling the songs of our lives. Photo: Javier Codesal (first oral tradition lab with LGTBI elders, at Fundación 26 de Diciembre).

Project journal:

April 11, 2018
Relational art against
the culture of fear

Less social networks and more social fabric! Less posts and more postcards! Less spam and more personalised messages! Less likes and more coloured envelopes, glitter and stickers!

From Habitar el barrio, we summon families for Correspondiendo, postal-relational art workshop (you can also steal your friends' kids). Participation is free, we only ask you come to all three sessions. Saturdays 5, 12 and 19th of May at 11am, La Puerta Azul (Santa Úrsula 7, Metro: Puerta del Ángel). Each participant will develop a series of correspondences, turning the mailboxes of their building into hot points for interaction, discovery and closeness. A way of getting to know our neighbours a bit better through writing, curiosity and exchange.

Registration and questions: / 655105385.

January 8, 2018
Otro cantar

We should sing more! Before the age of fast-food music and the lack of singing in the city, we wish to join our voices and explore collective memory, share songs of yesterday and today to explore the folklore that connects us.

As part of Tabacalera/educa programme, curated by Jaime González Cela and Manuela Pedrón Nicolau, I will develop Otro cantar (An other song), a learning group around popular songs,  oral tradition and memorable music specially directed towards elderly people (whatever their age) to value memory, tale and song.

Although we will prioritise the elders, any person who is interested in these subjects will be welcome. No prior experience is necessary, only a will to participate and to sing. We will meet every Tuesday for three months and be visited by special guests who will teach us new things, do exercises and experiment with our voices.

Participation is free. More information and registration at

Poster: Raquel G Ibáñez / Estudio Disperso.

October 13, 2017

On the 18th I will present a new version of vo•cal•ise. Antonio Ferreira invited me to be a part of Estudio_Escritorio. Sala Amadís, INJUVE. I resume and remix vo·cal·ise, a reflection on the voice without opening the mouth. My silhouette and I will deliver a performative lecture with my back to the audience and not saying a word, I will share my life-desktop and speak through my hands. The voice to be heard is your own. Part of AFK (Away From Keyboard) workshop. In this interview (in Spanish) Antonio talks more about his project and includes me in his dream team with Anto Rodríguez, Coco Moya, Álvaro Chior and Marian Garrido. Photo: La proyectora de ideas.

October 3, 2017
Atención por favor

Before the summer I received a very special commission: to produce a piece for the 25th anniversary of Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza. After many visits and conversations with the museum's workers (from Restoration to Maintenance, Security to Communication, Cleaning to Education), this weekend I will present Atención, por favor (Attention, please). An artistic intervention in the building's Public Address system during October 7 and 8. Informative statements, poetic messages, winks at the collections and the building, invitations to participation, anecdotes and curiosities will be heard or go unnoticed during the entire weekend, live, from 10am to 7pm. The museum celebrates its 25th birthday with open doors and a load of free activities.
Photo: A. Segre.

August 4, 2014
the mobile museum

I'll be spending the winter on tour as an educator in MuMo, a wonderful transformer-truck meant to bring contemporary art to kids between ages 6 and 12, specially in areas far from cultural centersa, also working with socially disadvantaged families. Thanks to Carlos Almela and put in motion by Fondation Daniel & Nina Carasso, previously in France and Africa. Here is an article in Spanish.

September 10, 2014
Ben Sollee and Sef

I’ll be opening for Ben Sollee in Madrid (Moby Dick, 9pm, 12€) on September 23rd. Committed, cello-playing and bicycle-riding Sollee (he has toured on bike over 36,000 miles) will be playing in Spain for the first time thanks to Born! and Gorgeous George. They’ve asked me to play before Ben and ask you all to come. I’m looking forward to it! Details and tickets.

September 2, 2014
Albufera and Sef

I met Albufera during my latest concert in Barcelona, where he became part of the spontaneous band that accompanied me on that bright morning in La Poderosa. Such generosity. Now it's his turn to come to Madrid and for the occasion I'll play along in two very different concerts, choose yours! Friday with the big guns, grand piano and accompanied by Xisco Rojo. Or Saturday, acoustic and intimate, perfecto for vermouth time. As Sef, I'll be playing with my friends Peter Memmer (cello) and Clara Megías (viola) on both dates, with new songs and arrangements. I've designed a rotating poster for the occasion, with a small edition available at the concerts.

Friday 12th. Sef + Albufera + Xisco Rojo, 9pm at Función Lenguaje. Free price. What does this mean? Le Parody explains it wonderfully here (in Spanish, sorry).

Saturday 13th. Sef + Albufera (daytime, acoustic), 12:30am at Café Molar. Price: 4 euros.

And afterwards, to Barcelona!

January 6, 2014
My first album and video

After years delaying the idea, I will finally publish my first album as Sef. A small self-published collection of songs under the title Debout ("standing" in French).

To celebrate the event and create the biggest buzz possible, I'll present the album in a very special concert-screening at a beautiful place: the auditorium of Madrid's Cuartel Conde Duque. With friends on stage and showing 250 pairs of eyes for the first time... the ambitious single-sequence with live sound and over forty collaborators: Independencia (hymn). This is an unpublished song that can only be heard live or in the video.

So save the date! Saturday, January 25th, 7h30pm, tickets at 9 euros or 12 (with album). Conde Duque, Madrid. I promsie an exciting evening. And in 2014, touring through UK, Barcelona and more!

January 1, 2014
Bears, illustrated 2014

Today is the fifth anniversary of Bears, illustrated. Back in 2010 I started to organise this hairy pin-up calendar as a personal project in collaboration with artists from all around the world, each illustrating a month. The calendar has continued yearly since, with twelve different collaborators each time, always free and downloadable in PDF format for easy printing. This year it is an honour to present new works by Gengoroh Tagame, BMLD (big men, little drawings), Olivier Flandrois, Frodorick Fronkonstin, Doctor-Anfelo, Jory Dayne, Miguel Arias, Leonardo Gutiérrez, Nickie Charles, The Furrealist, Shannon Hedges and Luis Loras.

I finished the new website to start the year, enjoy!

November 19, 2013
Sweet home

I will be hosting Evan J Garza, curator from Boston, from 1 to 13 December as part of Sweet home programme. Organised by Hablarenarte, these artistic and investigation residencies unite six cultural agents of Madrid (hosts) with six international agents (guests), weaving a personal and professional net.

Besides helping Evan to obtain meetings and visits with artists, curators and institutions, we'll organise a public talk for him in Barcelona on December 9th at El Palomar and on December 11 in Intermediae, Madrid. He'll share his work as a curator interested in interdisciplinary art (here is a video of his latest exhibition, Paint Things) and of the LGBTQ residency he co-directs in Fire Island. Welcome home, Evan!

November 7, 2013
Stockholm in cinemas

Tomorrow the movie that Caballo Films alongside a large team of collaborators including myself have been working on will premiere in 15 theatres throughout Spain: Stockholm. I recommend going to see it as it is a painfully accurate portrayal of relationships in our society (you hate the characters because they remind you of someone, probably a part of yourself). I think it won't fail to move you in some way.

The soundtrack includes original music by Sef (I wrote the song of the same title inspired by the movie) along with Edredón, The Folding and the Point (Olivier Arson's previous project, now TERRITOIRE), Nothing Places, Peter Memmer and Lucas Bolaño (ELM). Listen, download and contribute at

Official trailer (you can hear Stockholm by Sef):
Trailer for cinemas:

To celebrate the premiere in Madrid, tonight I'll sing some songs before the screening at Cines Capitol (that ceiling is glorious, be sure to look above as you enter the room), accompanied by the great Le Parody.

September 25, 2013
Experimental workshops

School is back, and I'll teach two workshops at IED Madrid. Suena brillante (Sounds shiny) will be a theoretic and practical approach to synesthesia, representation and composition techniques that question the relationship between image and sound. La constelación deseada (The Desired Constellation), an express workshop that returns after last year's success, explores the concepts of intuition, imagination and chance in design, giving value to accidents and the possibilities of discovery they entail.

September 21, 2013
Festival Doméstico Cultura a Casa

It was recently revealed that I will sing in the Festival Doméstico Cultura a Casa as Surprise artist #1 (the second will remain secret until his/her very concert). I return as Sef to the island of Palma that has treated me so well, this time along with friends like Abigail y la cosa del pantano, Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca or Wild Honey. It will be a beautiful festival, organised with the love and talent its organisers Miquel Ferrer and Tina Codina share. After a first week dedicated to Visual arts, a programme of three days in domestic spaces awaits, such as the secret place where I will play my latest repertorie on the keys of a grand piano. Saturday 29 September, at 6 and 7:30pm. Entrance: 7 euros.

Photo: M.A. Cañellas.

September 14, 2013
Artón Exchange

Artón Exchange materialises in an exhibition and parallel activities thans to the work and perseverence of its organisers, Ana Matey (Artón) and Isabel León (Hatajo). As in a fluxus excercise, seventeen people were invited to write instructions, exchange them and interpret the received score in video format. Exchange is the result, exhibited until the 28 of September in Madrid. Aside from my video participation, we at ¡JA! designed the original identity of the project, which has grown and mutated, now comprised of a workshop, conferences, etc.

September 10, 2013
First videoclip by Sef

In collaboration with Pablo Arreba I'll film the first video for my musical alter ego Sef on September 21st between 2 and 6pm. Hands needed! I need your help for task on and off screen: musicians, extras, decoration, stopping traffic during the last bit of the sequence...

To collaborate send me a message or click here and see the list of needs. Thank you!

August 1, 2013
Second summer

After the great success of Terraza Matadero in 2012, Matadero Madrid has comissioned the official summer curating to ¡jA! once again. Betting on participation rather than spectacularity, we return with a handful of new collaborators and proposals for all audiences, withour forgetting to experiment with new formats.

A great water fight, marker-made sailor tattoos, a collective invasion of yarn, an esoteric verbena with mysterious water tasting, a musicl and aesthetic melting pot with the Dominican community of Legazpi, a screening of bizzare internet videos, a popular audiovisual call... the full programme can be seen at

Ribera Matadero will take place every Saturday from August 3rd to September 7th at 9pm in the central patio of Matadero Madrid. The entrance will be free until full. This project is produced by Matadero Madrid and sponsored by Mahou. Photo: Fernando Roldán.

July 10, 2013
ELM at Fringe

ELM will play in Fringe Festival along with the other ex-residents of Nave de Música (Modulok, Envelope Collective, Palo Alto, etc), where we have been rehearsing and composing from February to April. The festival's programme contains many interesting performing arts proposals. We'll expect you under the night breeze of Matadero Madrid's central patio to share our new more upbeat songs.

Thrusday July 18th, 10:30pm. Fringe Madrid is hosted in Matadero Madrid this year (Paseo de la Chopera 14). Free entrance until full. Photo: Julián Callejo.

June 21, 2013
A synesthetic verbena

We will celebrate a verbena (traditional summer festivity) for families (of all shapes and sizes) on next June 26th at 7pm at CA2M. For the occasion I was invited to prepare an experimental activity linked to the workshop I've been teaching these past months, ¡Grrr! Oye mi rugido (Hear my roar). It will be an interactive activity where we'll transform images into sounds using our imagination and intuition.

Later Abigail y la cosa del pantano will play a concert on the rooftop, with merienda and face-painting (homaging the glam aesthetics of KISS and David Bowie). Free entrance until full. Photo: CA2M.

June 10, 2013
A ver lo hecho

The second exhibition of Hacer en lo cotidiano, curatorial project by Beatriz Alonso, will host ten works that try to act upon the ordinary through absurd, subtle, invasive or poetic gestures. I will present A ver lo hecho (a play of words: to see what's done / you should have done it), a series of interventions that question the use of the exhibition space through encounters during the following months that will play with behaviour and evidence of both the visitor and the artist.

Participating artists: Marlon de Azambuja, Marta Fernández Calvo, Christian Fernández Mirón, Cristina Garrido, Carlos Granados, Raúl Hidalgo, Fermín Jiménez Landa, Isabel Marcos, Núbol and Javier R. Casado.

Opening: June 12 at 8pm. Sala de Arte Joven, Avenida de América 13, Madrid.

June 8, 2013
Improvisers galore

We'll celebrate the annual Improvisers encounter in Taberna Alabanda (Miguel Servet 15, Madrid) on the weekend of June 14, 15 and 16. Starting at 9pm, each night will feature concerts by soloists, ensembles and orchestras (FOCO on Saturday and Carnival on Sunday) for a mere 5 euros. I'll partake in a trio with Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca (electric violin) and Peter Memmer (cello and electronics) on Friday and as a member of FOCO Orchestra on Saturday. The roster is so big it simply cannot fit, but you can see it here. Photo: Salomé Sagüillo. FOCO Orchestra in Hurta Cordel 2013, conducted by Maggie Niccols and Terry Day (special guest this weekend).

May 22, 2013
Sef & Ladyfest. A good man is hard to find

I'll present my project A good man is hard to find on June 6 as part of this year's Ladyfest, a concert made up of covers of some of the women that have influenced me the most. Bessie Smith, Ani Difranco, Tori Amos, Vainica doble, Björk...

Why can't a good man consider himself a feminist? A romantic ideal shared by Sef through the different voices that will compose the repertoire. Songs of struggle, love and militancy. In a journey of influences, from the experimental ballad to the commercial hit, I'll share my personal relationship with feminism and music through an array of songs and interludes.

I'm posting updates and sneak peaks on Sef's Facebook page, feel free to take a look around and read the stories behind the songs.

Thursday 6 of June at 9pm on the rooftop of CA2M as part of their summer programme (Picnic Sessions) and Ladyfest. And free! Photo: Gustavo Fernández (great little Bessie showing me the way).

May 18, 2013
Sounds and music. The Anatomy of Saffron

An audiovisual portrait of Saffron through metaphors and trompe l'oeil, The Anatomy of Saffron reflects this agencies singularity guided by the voice of Wally Olins himself. This is my second collaboration with the very talented Luis Úrculo after Dear New York. Lucas Bolaño (ELM) and I took care of the sound and the music. See and hear the result here.

May 3, 2013
Conciertos mínimos VI:

We carry on experimenting. This time the artist's names will remain a secret under the subtitle Lügenbold. If you wish to be part of the experience on Friday 10th of May at 8pm, entrance is free writing to (one message = one person). In a centric area of Madrid, the exact location will be sent to those confirmed... Facebook event here.

February 6, 2013
Workshop for families:
¡Grrr! Oye mi rugido

One of my favourite art centres, Mostoles' CA2M, has invited me to design a workshop for families. ¡Grrr! Oye mi rugido will be an experimental workshop for people 6-100 years old (kids must come with an adult) where we will explore the potential of nooise, the importance of listening, the place of silence and of our very own roar... Inscriptions (it's free, by the way) and more info here. Come with your children or steal them from your friends! The workshop will be done five different times in morning and evenings:
February 9, 12:00-2:00pm
February 23, 4:30-6:30pm
March 2, 12:00-2:00pm
March 9, 4:30-6:30pm
April 6, 4:30-6:30pm

Photo: Alberto Pérez (a previous workshop that ended in musical explosion, back with my dear Pablo Serret de Ena and Nathaniel Robin Mann). Facebook event here.

February 2, 2013
Todos caníbales
arrives in Madrid

The opera we have been working on for a year finally comes to the capital. TODOS CANÍBALES will be part of Escena Contemporánea Festival along with works by Sleepwalk Collective, La Tristura or Ricci/Forte among others. An experimental opera by Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca, it unites dance, music, noise, drawing and projections. We will have two shows in Teatro Pradillo: Thursday 14th and Friday 15th of February at 9pm. There are still seats left at only 6 euros. Note: the content may hurt certain sensitivities. Facebook event here.

To the right you can see the wallpaper we produce manually for each show, something which can only be seen live and yet another demonstration of our love for the project. We are preparing some lovely things to sell after the show, so do come with extra change...

January 9, 2013
Yet another year
of furry pin-ups

Bears, illustrated 2013 is here! This year?s calendar features original artwork by a dozen illustrators from around the world and is available for free. It is a sincere homage to a beauty out of the ordinary. United by their passion for drawing and big hairy men, an ever-growing group of artists (48 already) contributes an original artwork so that everyone can enjoy the collection.

This edition comes in Spanish, English and French, the three languages of the participating artists in 2013 (from cities in South and North America, Asia, Europe and Oceania). Find more information on each of them, their contribution and of course the downloadable PDF calendar in the website I just redesigned.

Print, hang, enjoy:

November 16, 2012
Words and screams

I'll fly from Colombia to Palma (Mallorca) for the opening we have been working on for a year. Finally: TODOS CANÍBALES. This opera by Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca alongside a great team will be part of the XXXIII Encontre Internacional de Compositors on Thursday 29th of November at 8:30pm in Teatre Xesc Forteza. Note: the content may be offensive to some sensitivities.

I will also participate in Nou Ensemble's concert Con Voce on November 27 at 8:30pm in Teatre Sans, interpreting Recitation n10 pour voix seule (1978) by Georges Aperghis. Thanks to Francisco Ortega for his translation and help with the French.

Photo: Julio Albarrán for Zemos98 (show of the work-in-progress, April 2012).

November 12, 2012
El marranito in Cali

I'll cross the ocean to work for a week in Colombia, participating in the amazing festival Helena Producciones as Miranda & Mirón, the artistic duo I have with Claremi. Our piece Contra fortuna no vale arte was selected by the festival's jury for the prestigious gathering celebrated in Cali that birngs together international works of great force.

We will collaborate with the Universidad de Bellas Artes de Cali with a talk about our work and I'll playa concert as Sef in the festival (any opportunity to share music is a gift to me).

October 28, 2012
ELM presents album: De
la intensidad al sopor

After a couple of years playing as a quintet, ELM publish our first album together. We will celebrate with a very special concert in the Sala Triángulo (Madrid) on Tuesday 6 of November and offering the disc at an exclusive price: 7 euros ticket + 3 euros CD. The seating will be limited but you can purchase tickets here.

We will also be joined by the projections of Machines Désirantes Buró and to catch your attention we are slowly revealing DA, a teaser EP in digital format of which we are posting a new song each Tuesday before the concert date (it contains four never-before-heard tracks and only one will be part of the album!). You can follow us on Facebook here.

October 15, 2012
Bosque adentro, an iberian and insular tour
by Sef and
Nathaniel Robin Mann

With autumn come dry leaves, thick blankets and the need to get together and sing once again. As Sef I will reunite forces with my great friend Nathaniel Robin Mann for a small tour in the peninsula under the name Bosque adentro (Into the woods), a homage to the musical by Sondheim and Lapine. Including three special concerts for families (small and tall, all are welcome), we will play seven concerts in five days through a bunch of Spanish cities: Madrid, Llubí, Palma, Zaragoza and Huesca.

Follow our adventures on the Beards and Tongues blog or via Facebook.

The tour poster has been made by the elegant damsel Ana Bustelo, of whom I was made a fan from the moment I laid eyes on one of her drawings (some years ago now). A limited edition of 100 prints with hand-stamping will be on sale at our concerts as a souvenir. See you inside.

October 8, 2012
La constelación deseada

From October 15th to 19th I will be teaching a workshop at IED Madrid for first year students of different design degrees (graphic, industrial, fashion, etc.), mixed up for one week of experimental workshops with professionals from different creative areas (Chicken Brain, Luján Marcos, Anak & Monoperro and Rocío Ballesteros). I have designed La constelación deseada (The Desired Constellation), a workshop focused on the creative possibilities of intuition, imagination and chance. Each day a different group will engage in a series of modules ordered randomly and directed towards exploring these concepts often related to accident, failure and the irrational.

September 16, 2012
Sef: autumn concerts

While we prepare Bosque adentro (Into the Woods), the iberian tour of Sef with Nathaniel Robin Mann (18-25 October, now booking!), I will be playing a series of concerts solo and with Peter Memmer on cello, from an intimate encounter in Palma de Mallorca the night of 21 September (info here) to old cardboard factories in Madrid. In October there will be a series of early Sunday concerts at Kubik Fabrik, a great space for scenic arts!

More information, dates and videos here. Sef is also on Facebook.
Photo: Rocío Ballesteros.

September 9, 2012
Terraza Matadero
La velocidad y el paisaje

We say goodbye to ¡JA!'s programme in Terraza Matadero this Thursday, it's been a pleasure! (The speed and the landscape) Restless and poliedric, Negocios Raros will present for the closing session a select group of sound artists. From the acoustic fragility of Lolo y Sosaku and their mechanism-installations made of wood, strings and instruments... to the audiovisual trio formed for the occasion: Low_Money, Unengel and W.A.R.S. will offer an accelerated cocktail using projections, music and camping tents. We hope to see you and bid the summer farewell, one last Thursday under the night sky of Madrid.

Thursday 13th of September, from 9pm to midnight at Matadero Madrid. Free entrance. Full programme at
Facebook event here.

September 2, 2012
Terraza Matadero
Troche y noche

Almost done! Undefined and experimental plataform nowwwh will de-virtualise itself temporarily to share an evening with three artists related to Madrid, present to show three video works and three new actions. Fermín Jiménez Landa will talk about distances and conquests, and with the help of a medium will invoke the spirit of Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente. Maite Angulo will give voice to Historias anónimas de Madrid (Anonymous stories of Madrid),�a collection of memories from the city. Lucía Antonini will share Cuentos chinos (Chinese tales), traditional stories told by inmigrants and their children living in Spain, followed by a surprise performance. The project will continue at nowwwh: a union between the in situ and the online.

Thursday 6th of September, from 9pm to midnight at Matadero Madrid. Free entrance. Full programme at
Facebook event here.

August 26, 2012
Terraza Matadero

This Thursday ¡JA!'s programme in Terraza Matadero carries on. An excercise in audiovisual sampling that will relate the evocative potential of cinematographic language through movies, videoclips and music. A unique piece where nothing is what it seems, it will play with improvisation integrating music and images with Antonio Morales, Löpez, Luján Marcos and Palo Alto. The session will reach its climax with the sonorisation, using appropriated soundtracks and contemporary compositions, of the medium-length silent film Ménilmontant (1926, Dimitri Kirsanoff). Coordinated by Roberto Vidal.

Thursday 30th of August, from 9pm to midnight at Matadero Madrid. Free entrance. Full programme at
Facebook event here.

19 de agosto, 2012
Terraza Matadero
Grabaciones y conspiraciones

(Recordings and conspiracies). This week ¡JA!'s programme in Terraza Matadero carries on. Young label Pauken (Grabaciones y conspiraciones) will share their path representing Spanish freak-folk with three concerts and the creation of a DIY album in real time, producing an express publication throughout the session. The sharp tongue of Berliner chanteuse Fee Reega, the meaty songs of band Raisa and the psychedelic asturianada that Pablo und Destruktion rips apart.

Thursday 23rd of August, from 9pm to midnight at Matadero Madrid. Free entrance. Full programme at
Facebook event here.

August 12, 2012
Terraza Matadero

¡JA! presents in Terraza Matadero... After her experience coordinating the �Bailes Apretaos� of La Flor de Lavapiés (CSA Tabacalera), Claremi invites young and old to an inter-generational dance in castizo fashion, verbena decoration and all to mix the past and the present. A chotis class for beginners will give way to the baile agarrao (tight dance) with music from all times (DJ Pichi will bring a selection of pasodoble, chotis, chachachá, swing, rumba, salsa, cumbia�). Free lemonade for elders over 65! Bring your grandparents, nephews, uncles and neighbours! Everyone come to dance and look your best. Maintaining the festive spirit, the night will evolve towards latin and electornic rhytms�

Thursday 16th of August, from 9pm to midnight at Matadero Madrid. Free entrance. Full programme at
Facebook event here.

August 5, 2012
Terraza Matadero
Ghymkana para frustrados

(Ghymkana for frustrated people). This week in Terraza Matadero: a round game field beneath our feet, we will realise a series of futile actions with David Crespo, visual artist and referee for the night. Divided into four teams, all visitors can engage in these pseudo-olypmics and put their limits to the test whilst experimenting with the fun of the absurd. The night will end with the winners of the Grand prize and a session of audiovisual entertainment.

Thursday 9th of August, from 9pm to midnight at Matadero Madrid. Free entrance. Full programme at
Facebook event here.

August 1, 2012
Sef on Fringe

Accompanied by my friend Peter Memmer on cello, I'll play two concerts as Sef during next weekend. Programmed for kids but open to all audiences (bring your own child!), it will be part of the first edition of Fringe Festival Madrid. Photo: Sef at Glück.

Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th of August at 1 pm. Free entrance. Cuartel Conde Duque (Calle Conde Duque 11, Madrid).

Facebook event here (do you Like Sef?). More information at

July 29, 2012
Terraza Matadero
Noche estrellada

(Starry Night). This week ¡JA! presents in Terraza Matadero 12 o'clock Shadow who will propose a collective session of active listening under the night sky of Madrid. In the dark (we will shut down all the lights and invite everyone to come with a torch or candle), a sound material composed of field recordings (acoustic documents of places) and different "nights" taken from Radio Aporee ::: Maps (collaborative sound cartography project) will be interpreted live through a sound spacialization with multiple speakers. We suggest everyone come with a mat or cushion to enjoy the session to the fullest.

Thursday 2nd of August, from 9pm to midnight at Matadero Madrid. Free entrance. Full programme at
Facebook event here.

July 22, 2012
Terraza Matadero
SICHA (Secuenciador con Interfaz Cárnico Humano Asistido)

(Sequencer Assisted Human Meat Interface). This week ¡JA! presents in Terraza Matadero Espadaysantacruz Studio and SICHA, their electronic music system generated by the movement of players in the space of Terraza Matadero. A collective musical game of real time composition. The attendants can enroll and make compositions in groups, with the most voted piece by the audience obtaining a prize at the end of the evening.

Thursday 26th of July, from 9pm to midnight at Matadero Madrid. Free entrance. Full programme at
Facebook event here.

July 15, 2012
Terraza Matadero
Generando ruido:

(Making noise: Belgotronics). This Thursday ¡JA! returns with the weekly cycle of Terraza Matadero. Born! Music presents Hoquets, belgian trio that uses recuperated materials to fabricate their instruments. A presentation-workshop will unfold their methodology and show how to make a "yan-yan" out of ordinary objects, then leading to their potential in concert. Funk, bizarrism and trash pop. Born! Music's great taste will extend with a selection of tracks by their roster of artists.

Thursday 19th of July, from 9pm to midnight at Matadero Madrid. Free entrance. Full programme at
Facebook event here.

July 9, 2012
Music for ZARA BY/

After the great experience of Dear New York with Luis Úrculo, I've collaborated with ZARA as a composer and musician again. Their new project is titled BY/ and shows the work of Aaron Moran, a canadian artist that will show his wooden sculptures in European shop windows. The teaser-documentary features music made for the occasion by myself and Óscar G. Hinde, one of my oldest friends (who would say one of our last adventures was a death metal band). The project can be seen at

July 8, 2012
Terraza Matadero
A qué suena Cuplé

(What does Cuplé sound like?). This week Julia de Castro will tell us about the birth and evolution of cuplé whilst doing her make up and preparing her costume. A transformation that will give way to De la Puríssima, performers of songs past and present. We will continue into the night with a DJ session by the "pinchadiscos de postín" Hortera & Cassette.

Thursday 12th of July at 9pm, Matadero Madrid. Free entrance, complete programme at Facebook event here.

July 2, 2012
Terraza Matadero. Autoedición
desde la sombra

Terraza Matadero continues!

This week, Autoedición desde la sombra (Self-publishing from the shadows). Ediciones Ultrarradio and Gran Derby Records will go through their trajectories, from their demo and zine origins all the way to their current state as cultural references of Madrid. Davín will present Faces & Names. There will be a pop-up shop with products by both and the evening will be closed with a concert by The Secret Society, essential reference at Gran Derby Records.

Thursday 5th of July at 9pm, Matadero Madrid. Free entrance, complete programme at

June 25, 2012
Terraza Matadero
Summer is Coming

Extatic with our first big institucional project, ¡JA! presents Terraza Matadero, an ambitious collaboration with Matadero Madrid and Andrés Jaque Architects. We have curated twelve sessions (every Thursday from June 28 to September 13) engaging with an array of independent initiatives from Madrid and surroundings. There will be music, performance, games, presentations, parties, projections...

We open on Thursday 28 at 9pm with Summer is Coming, a very musical welcome to the summer. Sport your bathing suit! El misterioso grupo sin canciones propias, Abigail y la cos del pantano, Wild Honey and Summer Songs for Summertimes DJ set. Free entrance, complete programme at

June 15, 2012
GIF Express

From ¡Ja! we invite anyone curious and creative to come by IED Madrid's Open Day on Tuesday 19th of June. Visitors will learn to animate as part of an experimental film in GIF format. An unpredictable take on the Surrealist game of the Exquisite corpse.

The process will be updated live via Facebook and Twitter.

19th of June, 4-8pm at IED Madrid. Palacio de Altamira, C/ Flor Alta 8 (Metro Callao).

June 6, 2012
Improv at Alabanda
7-10 June 2012

A new improvisers encounter at Taberna Alabanda (Miguel Servet 15, Madrid. Metro Lavapiés/Embajadores) with so many movies, trios, ensembles and orchestras that they couldn't possibly fit in this tiny column.

Full programme HERE.

I will only emphasize the star dish of this cycle are the two (!) orchestras brought together, FOCO on Saturday 9 and Carníval on Sunday 10. Each opened by two trios for a mere 8 euros. A mighty meal.

Photo: Salomé Sagüillo.

June 2, 2012
After the beards
and the tongues

After one last concert surrounded by friends and strangers, the Nave de M�sica in Matadero packed with curious people coming to bid the project farewell, an epic ending with accidental yet effective lights-out ending... Each returns to his city but the memories will stay with us always. I love you brothers.

The tour's tumblr will remain active and we will continue publishing photos, videos and information as if get our hands on them. Thank you to everyone who helped us, listened, sang, hosted, accompanied us in this adventure.

May 18, 2012
The Beards & Tongues Teaser!

We are still apart but already together...

Music: Dorian Wood / Sef / Nathaniel Robin Mann.
Video: filmed on each's location (Los Angeles, Madrid, London), collected and edited by Rocío Ballesteros.

Concert dates, poster, videos and tour news at

February 18, 2012
The Beards & Tongues Tour 2012

After months of enthusiastic planning, we are finally making the European tour a reality. Three singular artists intertwined in eight unforgettable concerts presenting solo songs and combined collaborations by the international trio:
Dorian Wood (USA)
Sef (Spain)
Nathaniel Robin Mann (UK)

The tour will take place from 20 May to 1 June going through London, Montpellier, Coventry, Birmingham, Zaragoza, Bristol, Stratford-upon-avon... The grand finale will be a very special concert on the 1st of June at Nave de Música in Matadero Madrid (where we will also spend two days recording at Red Bull Studio).

The fantastic poster was made by the fantastic Puño.

We will post all information, tour details and news, as well as some surprises... here:
The Beards and Tongues Tour

May 8, 9 and 10, 2012
A house with four sides

Una casa de 4 lados is a workshop conceived by Roberto Vidal where ¡JA!, Nowwwh and Tania Pardo will participate. The objective is to accquire useful tools for developing a cultural project that considers the four areas of La Casa Encendida: culture + education + solidarity + environment.

One of the projects we will explain in the first session, from its origin and looking into its entire process is Conciertos mínimos (photo). The premises, processes and results of the workshop will be published at

May 5 and 6, 2012
Sef and the
clandestine choir

Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 of May will hld the first recording sessions for Sef y el coro clandestino, as part of the domestic-epic festival Los Artistas del Barrio. Anyone is invited to come and participate learning and singing some easy vocal arrangements I have composed and that will be part of the first Sef EP. Each participant will be rewarded with a free download of the album and two invitations to a very special concert...

Learn how to participate HERE (if the call is a success I will extend it. Send me a message!).

April 10, 2012
ELM live (2012-02-17)

ELM (expansion of Experimental Little Monkey), the quintet I am proud to be a part of, has published the firs live recording, which can be heard and downloaded at no cost. ELM 2012-02-17 documents the concert we played with Vaz Oliver last February. Mondosonoro has said that they can just as easily engage in an instrumental gallop of acoustic guitars decorated by cello, practice a sort of homemade post-folk, imaginary soundtracks or engage in minimal electronica.

Our next concert will be a triple session of experimental pop on May 2 (9pm) with dutch duo Controllar and the refreshing Le Parody at Espacio Menosuno (La Palma 28, Madrid), all for 5 euros.

April 1, 2012
Cannibalism in Zemos98

We proudly present TODOS CANÍBALES (work in progress), the opera we have been working on that now showcases the entire team: Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca, members of S'ensemble, Roberto Martínez-Losa, audiovisuals by Zemos98, scenography by Woodgood and myself as lyrical tenor.

The XIV edition of Zemos98, Procomún, amor y remezcla will host us on April 12 at 8pm in CAS (Centro de las Artes de Sevilla). Information and tickets here. Warning: some people may find the content inappropriate.

Photo: Rocío Ballesteros

March 12, 2012
Dear New York

It has just been published: Dear New York, a beautiful and delicate video on the city built with domestic objects, notebooks, tattoos and fragments of memories. It is a comission by Zara for Luis Úrculo, a friend and collaborator whom I have had the pleasure of working with for the first time here, composing the music of this small treasure. It wouldn't have been possible without the help of Peter Memmer. Working with friends is grand.

February 12, 2012
Vaz Oliver and ELM
at Bar Vas

Next Friday Vaz Oliver and ELM will unite forces in a double concert that will mix experimental pop, indietronica, improvisation and a pinch of noise. It will also be one of the last chances to see Vaz Oliver live (highly recommended) before he leaves us for the musical lands of Canada.

Friday 17 February, 10 pm at Bar Vas (Calle Mediodía Chica 12, Metro: La Latina). Entrance: 7 euros including a drink.

February 2, 2012
Juegos postales
at La Eriza

I am participating in the exhibition Juegos postales with Exquisito audiodiario (Exquisite audio-diary), a sound collaboration with Santiago Talavera and Peter Memmer that we worken on back in 2009 for MUFI of Oaxaca, Mexico. La Eriza, a wonderfully strange space dedicated to book-binding and sea urchins, now holds the exhibition until March 16. Calle de Colón 15, Madrid (Metro: Tribunal or Callao). I'm looking forward to repeating the experiment with more people and possibilities...

February 2, 2012
Todos caníbales

On Saturday we will present TODOS CANÍBALES, a work in progress born from Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca. The charming violinist and composer invited me to participate in a project on the subject of cannibalism a few months back. Though the work will not be complete until autumn in Mallorca, this will be a 45 minute presentation of the work we have developed until now. The idea is to test the material and contrast opinions. The entrance is free and any constructive critique will be appreciated.

Saturday 4th of February at 6:30 pm at Café Molar (Calle de la Ruda 19, Madrid. Metro: La Latina). It may be wise to warn: some of the material and subject matter may hurt certain sensitivities.

More information on the project and the complete team here.

January 30, 2012
Hola 2012

One month ago we made an enigmatic announcement. From ¡Ja! we wished to celebrate the coming of a new year in our won fashion, apart from Christmas, taking over the city, playing with the known and the unknown, with all your help. Friends, collaborators, passersby... Together we will live a fleeting and epic action in the city we call home.

Hola 2012 will take place on 31 January 2012 at 20:12 in the Plaza del Olivo, Madrid. It will be exactly two minutes long and everyone is invited to be a prt of it. To learn how:

January 19, 2012
XVI Hurta Cordel:
FOCO and Fred Frith

Asociación Musicalibre organises the XVI free improvisation festival Hurta Cordel this week in La Casa Encendida, Madrid. Once again, we will listen to invited soloists and ensembles from around the world, and FOCO orchestra in mammoth format (30 musicians this year) will be conducted by a guest director, Fred Frith on this occasion. We will play on January 28 and 29 at 9:30pm. I will also participate in wonderful Chefa Alonso's workshop, which concldes with a concert on Saturday 28 at 7pm (before the orchestra). More info and complete programme here.

Photo: Salomé Sagüillo.

January 5, 2012
The new Rampa and ¡JA!
Musical stops

Next Friday 13th, Rampa will open their new space next to Manzanares river and present their activity and workshop programme for the year. From ¡JA! we will collaborate organising musical stops for visitors to get to know the space in a special fashion, with three mini-concerts in different areas by three beautiful projects: Mancarro, Le Parody and the much awaited first concert of Hielo en Varsovia (members of the extinct 8 bits to die and Narcoléptica). We'll see you there at 8pm. More information:

December 25, 2011
Bears, illustrated
third edition: 2012

For the third time, the hairy pin-up calendar arrives with the turning of the year. This time around I have had the pleasure of having twelve artists from Portugal, Italy, Chile and USA contribute to the download-and-print calendar project Bears, illustrated. Twelve beautiful new artworks by Kyle Letendre, Dave Valeza, Topher McCulloch, Aaron Smith, Mathias Sielfeld, Michael C Hsiung, Julio Dolbeth (image), Johnathan Roberts, Grisser Bunny, Jason Villegas, Jason Pepping and Dronio.

Be prepared and spread the word: the 2012 calendar will go live on January 1st! Only at:

December 15, 2011
The three fronts

Next weekend I'll play the three musical fronts I have open, a nice coincidence.

On Saturday 17 our friends at El Forn, workshop-association specialised in engraving, book-binding and artist books, celebrate their second anniversary with concerts by Sef and ELM. At AC Mediodía Chica, calle Mediodía Chica 10, Madrid (map). Free entrance and friendly environment. Their poster to the right.

Sunday 18 at 8:30pm, conducted improv concert. This will be the last chance to see the organism that is FOCO orchestra before Hurta Cordel festival. Tickets are always sold out for the orchestra there, so come and see us now, we will be a big bunch and include some nice guests. Conducted by Chefa Alonso, Francis García, Ricardo Tejero and myself, Orquesta FOCO will be formed this time by:
Paloma Carrasco: cello, Francis García: processed mandolin, Juan Carlos Castillo: acoustic guitar, Cova Villegas: vocals, Ainara LeGardon: vocals, Christian Fernández Mirón: vocals, Chefa Alonso: soprano sax, Javier Escaned: tenor and soprano sax, Ricardo Tejero: tenor sax and clarinet, Javier Paxariño: saxos and flutes, Miguel Bestard: tuba, Maria G. Cameselle: double bass, Victor M. Vázquez: tibetan bowls.

The encounter will be at Taberna Alabanda we like so much. Calle Miguel Servet 11, Metro Embajadores / Lavapiés, Madrid (map). Entrance: 6 euros. More information on this improvisation cycle and Asociación Musicalibre here.


December 13, 2011
Reciting between
two black extremes

At 7:30pm today in the Auditorio Nacional, festival CoMa'11 will show five works for symphonic orchestra. Conducted by Andrés Salado, the Joven Orquesta de la Comunidad de Madrid (JORCAM) will play works by S. Blardony, V. Ruiz, JC. Cuello, A. Guijarro and E. Lorenzo. I have the pleasure of reciting in Blardony's piece, Entre dos extremos negros. Free entrance with invitation. The Asociación Madrileña de Compositores will be handing them out in the hall since one hour prior.

December 4, 2011
Raisa, Vaz Oliver and
farewell to drawings

The two last musical events at Grandes y peludos before the end:

Raisa + live drawing
Wednesday 7 December, 9:30pm

Closing + Vaz Oliver
Saturday 10, starting at 8pm

You can still visit the exhibition, you will find me each day from 7-10pm at Espacio Menosuno (La Palma 28, Madrid). All paper works are for sale but the wall drawings will disappear after Saturday!

Photo by Isaac de la Pompa.

november 27, 2011
Abigail y la cosa
del pantano +
Grandes y peludos

My beloved Abigail y la cosa del pantano will come to play at Grandes y peludos, the drawing exhibition I am holding every day from 7-10pm (Mon-Sat) at Espacio Menosuno.

Thursday December 1 at 9:30pm, free entrance. The kind couple have prepared a video-invitation for the evening, check it out:

november 26, 2011
ELM + Machines Désirantes Buró at los
Martes experimentales

For those of you who missed our last concert at El Juglar, this is the perfect occasion to recover: ELM (Experimental Little Monkey) will be playing a hybrid set that includes field recordings, improvisation and projections by Machines Désirantes Buró.

All part of Los Martes Experimentales organised by the busy Piovra collective, that have decided to invade Madrid with an avalanche of cultural proposals. Click on their flyer to the right to see it in full size.

Tuesday 29 November at 9pm. Please be on time: their idea is for these concerts to be accessible to those who go to bed early. At Pepa Tencha, calle Apodaca 3, Madrid (map). 4 euros with drink and buffet afterwards. A bargain!

november 18, 2011
The first exhibition

Entitled Grandes y peludos (Big and hairy), my first solo exhibition will take place from 24 November to 10 December at Espacio Menosuno (La Palma 28, Madrid).

As well as works on paper and the collective project Bears, illustrated (the third edition being prepared as we speak, to open the new year!), the majority of the show will be drawings on the wall I will be making during the next two weeks. I will be at the gallery Mondays through Saturdays from 7 to 10pm. Everyone is invited to come and visit, have a cup of tea and stay a while.

Opening: Thursday 24 November at 8pm. With a mini-concert by Sef. Free entrance. There will be some wine served and something to eat, so as to keep the traditions of spanish art alive.

november 12, 2011
Sef and ELM at los
Martes desenchufados

After the good experience in Bilbao, we once again unite forces in Madrid as part of the acoustic concert series Los martes desenchufados in the legendary venue El Juglar.

November 22 at 9:30pm,
Sef and ELM at El Juglar.
Lavapiés 37, Madrid (map)
5 euros including drink.

november 1, 2011
¡Quietos para la foto! Action art conferences in Bilbao

The next 7 and 8 of November I will participate in ¡Quietos para la foto! Diferentes contextos para el arte de acción (Stay still for the camera! Different contexts for action art) at Bizkaia Aretoa. Organised by Estíbaliz Sadaba for the University of Bilbao, the conferences will unite performances and lectures by Los Torreznos, Bestué-Vives, Maris Bustamante, Ramón Churruca, festivals like Ebent, Chámalle X or our very own Reformance.

More information here. I will give a lecture on Tuesday at 6pm, where we will talk about reinterpretation, subjectivity and other concepts related to the project.

The entrance to all events is free and I barely know people in Euskadi, so I will be thankful if you help spread the word if you know people around, so many others can enjoy this!

october 31, 2011
ELM and Sef in Bilbao

The five members of ELM (Experimental Little Monkey) are headed to Bilbao. Help us spread the word, we know next to no one there! We promise to do our best. Upcoming concerts:

Thursday 3 Nov, 8pm
ELM + Scum to the Leader + Melon Tree. XXIII Villa de Bilbao, Bilborock (Muelle de la Merced 1). Free entrance.

Friday 4 Nov, 9pm
Sef + ELM. Almazen (calle Zuberoa 5, Irala). 3 euros.

october 17, 2011
Mucho Salacot

After the success of our first encounter with Trineo (see October 6), Sef & Abigail y la cosa del pantano meet again at La Canela, which's exotic decoration will transport everyone directly into an expedition to the Americas in search of sexy aliens, lost hairdressers, electronic swamps and tiny pianos. Prepare your salacots!

We invite you to come dressed up (explorers, natives, aztec deities, teleported lazy urbanites, anything goes). We will have a VIP zone, prizes and novelties, such as a weird cover together for the occasion. Tell everybody, we have to bring together a fantabulous environment... Mucho salacot!

Thursday 20 October at 10pm in La Canela. Calle Hileras 19, Madrid (Metro Callao/Sol/Ópera, map here). Free entrance. Be sure to have a drink though!

octOober 13, 2011
Improv at Alabanda

Sunday 16 October at 8:30 pm. In Taberna Alabanda, Miguel Servet 12, Madrid (Metro Lavapiés/Embajadores).
Entrance 6€.

Act I. Duo
Pelayo F. Arrizabalaga: alto sax
Víctor M. Vázquez: tibetan bowls and percussion

Act II. FOCO Orchestra
formed this time by
María Cameselle: el. double bass
Francis García: mandolin
Ainara LeGardon: vocals
Christian Fdez. Mirón: vocals
Graciela López: vocals
Marcos Monge: bass clarinet
Pelayo F. Arrizabalaga: alto sax
Javier Escaned: soprano sax
Javier Paxariño: saxello
Víctor M. Vázquez: tibetan bowls and percussion
Gregorio Kazaroff: objects

Photo: Orquestina Alabanda at Circo Price, by Paco Manzano.

October 3, 2011
Trineo and Banana:
all white

On Thrusday Trineo will make its official presentation after one year running. Trineo is the editorial project of Stereoplástika, enthusiast of self-publishing, illustration and all thing well done. With a careful selection of international artists, Trineo has slowly crafted a synthetic and detailed style. We'll be told how the project began and what is in store.

Between talk and store (I recommend coming with some money, there are treasures), there will be miniconcerts by Abigail y la cosa del pantano and me, Sef.

Thursday 6 October, starting 8pm. At Studio Banana. Free entry.

September 28, 2011
Conciertos mínimos V

¡Ja! presents the fifth edition of their equally intimate and collective concerts.

Featuring the music of:
Salto de Cama
Le Porc Épic
Variedades Azafrán

Sunday 2 October at Mediodía Chica. C/ Mediodía Chica 10. Metro: La Latina / Puerta de Toledo (Madrid).

Important: the doors will be open from 5 to 6 pm. From that moment on they will be closed (or once the venue is full). If you wish to guarantee a spot, come early. You can bring whoever you wish but remember the nature of the experiment: enjoying live music at close volumes in a friendly all-age environment. We ask that you collaborate bringing a cushion to sit on the floor and something to add to the collective snack-dinner. We're not looking for consumers, we dream of accomplices. Come with whoever you want and tell anyone you want, but remember: arrive from 5 to 6 pm!

More information on the project and the previous editions at

September 19, 2011
City and letters

A new project in the shape of a blog. I will collect photos of my walks throughout the city, now that I have a nice camera-phone, and invite friends and type enthusiasts to collaborate. Graffitis, signs, posters... The only rule is that each snapshot carry it's location and be copyright-free. Walking is finding. This image says "I want/love you with me".

September 12, 2011
Free improvisation cycle at Alabanda: additive

This weekend we are having another one of our free improvisation cycles with local and guest musicians. Luo Chao Yun, specialist in pipa, is also coming from Taiwan to play.

Friday and Saturday will host solos, duos and trios/quartets where musicians will add themselves to the mix at each step. On Sunday FOCO orchestra will be conducted by several members: Chefa Alonso, Bárbara Meyer, Ged Barry and myself.

September 16, 17 and 18 at Alabanda (Miguel Servet 15, Metro Lavapiés/Embajadores). Entrance 6 euros per day. Organised by Chefa at Musicalibre. Click on the image to see the full programme in detail.

August 5, 2011
Conciertos mínimos IV
en petit comité

Last week and holding a limited audience due to the size of the fantastic terrace that hosted us (thanks Luis and Jorge), the fourth edition of Conciertos mínimos took place. The concert series organised by ¡Ja! presented Julia Cristina Monge, Sef and Laurelin Kruse from Colorado. Between songs, some food and chat with friendly people. But above all, many plants. Soon there will be more, visit the website to be informed! Photos, texts and memories of Lemon beebrush at

July 15, 2011
Barbería nocturna presents... Sef

Barbería Nocturna will collect a fistful of performances, delicate or delicious, but always hairy:

Melancolepsia will tell a tale of true love: Introducción a la felicidad.

Sef will come from Madrid with his ukulele and baby piano to sing, among other things, about hairdressers and commitment.

The evening will be crowned by our hostess and DJ, Tábata, who amongst coplas will cut the hair and trim the beards of volunteers in her famous Barbería Nocturna, as well as playing music and hairy porn after midnight.

Thursday 21 July at 10pm, at bar O'Alfaiate: Rúa San Xoán 7 (next to Plaza España), A Coruña. Facebook event here.

July 13, 2011
Sef and the Romería barcelonesa

Saturday 16th I'll be playing a concert at Espacio Práctico at vermouth time (12am), as part of the IN_Romería route that La Poderosa organises along with several spaces of Barcelona.

The complete programme of the romería here. The entrance to each space costs 3 euros. There are 10 euro credits for access to all spaces and the closing party at La Poderosa. If you are interested in this option let me know, as the credits are limited. The rest can just drop by, it will be a pleasure seeing new faces and old friends from the city.

I'm illustrating this with one of my latest concerts as Sef, at midnight and lighted only by the lanterns of the audience in a forest in the Sierra de Gredos (thank you Artón!).

July 7, 2011
9, The End

9, a project on contemporary drawing reaches its end with the ninth exhibition, a collection of anonymous drawings put together in the Sala de Arte Joven (Avenida de América, Madrid) urn along with results of the workshops and actions that have taken place during these past seven months. All thanks to the multi-function curator Roberto Vidal, who has given so much on a creative, professional and human level with his project 9.

On Tuesday 12, starting at 7:30pm there will be actions by Aitor Saraiba, Eva Solano and one final Anonymous Musical Action to accompany the inauguration of this last exhibition, sampling and reappropriating those miscellaneous orphan drawings.

There are rumours that some art collective is behind this...

June 10, 2011
Conciertos mínimos III

The next in the series of concerts we organise at ¡Ja!...

Unususal places, above all claiming the respectful and creative use of our city, and wonderful musicians that delight us with their songs. We are still looking for an accomplice audience... what will their task be this time?

More clues at

April 17, 2011
Reformance II: call for submissions

Until May 23. Info at (english button in menu)

Claremi and I are very proud of the results of Reformance last year. Fantastic collaborators, receptive audiences, nice weather that helped us... What more can one ask for?

Enmarcarlo en un contexto institucional sería interesante. Al tratarse de un proyecto que plantea preguntas y alternativas sobre la llamada propiedad intelectual, además de trabajar sobre el arte del pasado y moldear el del futuro, me apetece muchísimo trabajar en colaboración con museos o centros de arte que estén interesados en este potencial.

¡Y empezamos! Esta segunda edición de Reformance tendrá lugar el jueves 9 de junio en el Centro de Arte 2 de Mayo CA2M (uno de mis lugares favoritos, si estais en Madrid no dejeis de visitarlo). Formaremos parte de las magníficas Picnic Sessions comisariadas por José Salas y José Luis Villalobos. Es un gran honor y estoy seguro de que va a ser inolvidable. ¡Ahora a participar, corramos la voz!

Bases y documentación de la primera edición -puede inspirarte o empujarte a plantear algo diferente- en

may 1, 2011
Minimum concerts II

After quite a pause, ¡jA! are back to organise more concerts. Under the moniker A# (La sharp) and with the beautiful music of:
Narcoléptica, Marcus Doo & the Secret Family, Coro de Mujeres del Molino, En busca del pasto, The Secret Society and Experimental Little Monkey. Studio Banana lends us their space for the experiment on May 12. Bring your cushion!

May 11, 2011
Singing in
Documenta Madrid

Documenta Madrid called me to sing in their opening (photo, next to the hostess Rosa María Mateo) and closing as Sef. The closing gala will take place on Saturday in Sala Berlanga. The opening was in the colossal Teatro Fernán Gómez, I was able to sing a cappella to seven hundred people!

I'll also be playing as a member of FOCO orchestra on Sunday at Alabanda (Miguel Servet 15, Madrid) at 8:30 PM, entrance is 5 euros. Conductions by Chefa Alonso and Gregorio Kazaroff, and before two very vocal concerts: Graciela López and the debut of Archi Piel, Ainara Legardón's new duo with Álvaro Barriuso.

April 12, 2011
Dfest 2011

Llega la segunda edición del festival organizado por La Colectivo. Tres días en torno a la autoedición, el DIY o hazlo-tú-mismo, la apropiación como motor creativo y un montón de música, creación y diversión constructiva. Yo colaboraré con:

Taller zine-SMS de ¡JA!
Descarga contenido será una excusa para hacer fancines sobre lo que guardamos en el móvil.
Sábado 16, 17h. ¡Más info!

Concierto de Sef al aire libre
En Matadero tras On Your Bike y Maud the moth. Domingo 17, 14h.
¡Más info sobre Sef!

Reformance y el apropiaconismo
Un charla-debate a partir de Reformance, festival de performance reciclada. Se mostrarán ejemplos de la primera edición (Los artistas del barrio, 2010), así como una llamada para la convocatoria actual (la segunda edición se celebrará este verano en el CA2M). Veremos cuestiones inherentes al proyecto como el concepto de propiedad, la reinterpretación, la ética y los modelos creativos en la precariedad.
Domingo 17, 17h. ¡Más info!

March 9, 2011
Drawing and sound
workshop in Proyecto 9

Eva Solano invited me to work together on a workshop for March 26 in the Sala de Arte Joven (Madrid). It will be a part of 9, a Project on Contemporary Drawing, a collection of exhibitions, activities and actions curated by Roberto Vidal. There are many interesting collaborators and a colourful program these months, all surrounding the act of drawing.

If you are between 12 and 30 years old (approximately) you can sign up for this workshop at no cost, here.
Image: Eva Solano

March 8, 2011
Sef: spring tour

Upcoming Sef concerts! Open to suggestions and comissions.

15 April, 8pm at GLORIA
Weird International Collage Show
+ Info here

17 April, 2pm at Matadero Madrid
DFest (Central de Diseño)
+ Info here

12 March (Sat) 7pm
At Medialab-Prado
AVLAB: Folclore and modernity:
Sef, Barrunto Bellota, Fee Reega
Information here

New York
14 March (Mon) 9pm
At Zebulon Café Concert
Sef + Datalog
Information here

Photo: Pablo Serret de Ena,
Cañon acústico

February 4, 2011
Exquisite Corpse

Tomorrow I'll participate in a challenge as an experiment, an exquisite corpse in which 9 performers will link the beginning and end of our interventions through improvisation, in a true feat of concentration and empathy. We will be: Enrique Coslado, Isabel León, Sofía Misma, Analía Beltrán i Janés, Fernando Baena, Antonio Ramírez Stabivo, Christian Fernández Mirón and Violeta Nicolás.

Organised by the unstoppable Ana Matey and Paco Nogales from Artón. More info through the link or clicking on the image.

February 4, 2011
Sef and the
Infinite Risk

I'll play a concert as Sef tonight during the opening of Riesgo infinito, an ephemeral exhibition featuring five surprise artists. The entrance is free with an invitation. To obtain one, write to

The exhibition opens at 7pm and my concert begins at 10pm.

Photo: Olmo González (concert in Espacio Menosuno with Fancie).

January one, 2011
Bears, illustrated,
the sequel

Another year, another hot n' hairy calendar! The collective project Bears, illustrated now has a second edition for the shiny new 2011, and you can discover it in the website I just finished, available in spanish and english:

If you like what you see, tell people about it! Let all bear lovers know so they can print and hang it on their wall.

December twenty six, 2010
LSDLN: Étrécissement
& Christmas lights

You can now see the results sent in for Étrécissement.

The current excercise is called Christmas lights and to participate you only have to record some seconds worth of video featuring the lights of a tree, a façade, decorations, stars, santaclauses, magickings, reflections, fireworks or any of the other milestones that surround us in the year's end. Find complete instructions and previous results at The Cloud Society. If you like it, spread the word and participate!

December fifteen, 2010
Living Room Festival

In a couple of days Living Room Festival will begin in Madrid and Berlin. Performances, music and experiences in houses and sitting rooms. Interesting proposals in intimate format, very recommendable! Visit their blog to make your reservation, it's free and the seats quite limited. It's all explained here. I'll be playing as Sef on Dec 21, along with María Jerez and her El caso del espectador.

December thirteen, 2010
Sef & Desayuno con Viandantes at a party

I'll play a concert as Sef this Thursday in an old boxing ring in Valencia, pow! My last time in the city was a couple of years ago, also playing after Matthew Herbert picked me as finalist in the music competition Heineken Greenspace.

This time around I'm coming thanks to the very nice collective Desayuno con viandantes, who organise open meals in public spaces, questioning and claiming their use. They invited me to play in the celebration of their second anniversary, among other activities. The party will take place in Sporting Club Russafa (C/ Sevilla 5, Russafa, Valencia) on Thursday 16 starting at 21h.

Click on the poster to the right to see full-size with details.

December three, 2010
Red Bull Local Art

Tomorrow is the start of Red Bull Local Art, a project by Red Bull who have comissioned me to curate a series of artistic and cultural events in the neighbourhood of La Latina, Madrid.

December two, 2010
The kiss in VIHVO

I'll repear The Kiss as part of VIHvO, art and culture festival against the stigma of HIV where artists like Julio Falagán, Mar Cuervo, Nicolás Santos or myself are participating, among others.

Tomorrow I'll be at gallery 6mas1 (San Vicente Ferrer 23, metro Tribunal, Madrid) from 21 to 23h to kiss whomever desires to participate by activating the piece, or simply coming to look at other kisses. My lips will be waiting!

More info about The kiss, here.

November twelve, 2010
Run from your camera
& Étrécissement

The results for Run from your camera are posted! Check out the similarities with artist extraordinaire Jan von Holleben and his series You count 10, I run.

The new challenge, Étrécissement, consists of a Surrealist technique that is fun and easy to experiment with. Instructions and everything else at The Cloud Society. Spread the word and do participate!

October twenty, 2010
Reformance: post.
Residues and videos

Saturday we will host the exhibition Reformance:post, a collection of audiovisual documentation and physical residues from the recycled performance festival I organised with Claudia this past spring.

We'll use the opportunity to invite the audience to some wine and meet the artists, project the videos that summarize the 9 works and show the fully updated Reformance website (updated after the show). Saturday 23 October, 19-23h at Mediodía Chica (map).

And on Sunday I'll be singing with the improvisers of FOCO orchestra under the directions of the lovely Barbara Meyer and Chefa Alonso (who also plays on Friday with her trio Uz, click on the image to the right to see the full programme). We'll play in Alabanda (map) starting at 20:30h. See you there!


October first, 2010
The Cloud Society returns, now run

After a long pause, The Cloud Society is back with a new design and a new approach. Starting with October's excercise: Run from your camera. Spread the word! Follow the link above to learn how to participate.

Also the results for Tribute to Jacko are finally published, with many Michael Jackson song covers and some surprises.

I will slowly translate the full website to english.


August thirty, 2010
Miradas al cuerpo III

Miradas al cuerpo is an international festival of emerging contemporary dance. Starting this Thursday (2 September) in teatro Lagrada, Madrid. Ercilla street 20, metro Embajadores or Acacias, with different weekly pieces until October 3 including open encounters with the audience on Sundays.

I was comissioned to design the posters and plan to be amongst the audience throughout the month. I am addicted since the first edition two years ago (Crap Girls, wow!). It is a humble festival curated by Maite Larrañeta that offers some very interesting proposals. Spread the word so that the project can continue! You can find the programme, calendar, etc. here.


September twenty two, 2010
Presentation in the
old cement factory

A new artistic space is rising in Los Santos de Maimona, Badajoz. Collective Conceptuarte have organised the Jornadas on Architecture and Public Art and several artists and collective will show their work, among them Santiago Cirugeda, Elgatoconmoscas, Todo por la Praxis, Basurama and myself (Saturday 25th). Photo: Conceptuarte.

See full Reciclarte project.


August twenty five, 2010
Improvising in
the dungeon

Arritmia have invited me to participate in their audiovisual improvisation set at More Art Alla festival in Murcia. We'll play inside the well/dungeon of the Torre del Homenaje in Moratalla castle on Saturday 28 August at 9 PM, mixing enamel, ink, paint, projections, electronic and acoustic music.


August twelve, 2010
Sef in technicolor

I've uploaded some videos of concerts to Youtube, you can see them here.


July twenty one, 2010
FG KIT in De zines

De zines, an exhibition on the influence of fanzines curated by Roberto Vidal and Óscar Martín will be on display from 29 June to 29 August. In the vitrine seen in the center of the photo (by Mercedes Marín) you will find the Fast Gallery KIT I contributed to with a poetic audioguide (audio-CD, instruction booklet, mysterious envelope and expansive box). 400 international publications, from self-published zines to magazines. I recommend going through these beauties, it's a rare opportunity to enjoy such a rich collection. At La Casa Encendida, Madrid.


July thirteen, 2010
Improvisers unite and/or clash

Members of FOCO orchestra, Omega and Entenguerengue will meet this weekend in Madrid for a series of concerts in small ensembles and two orchestras with dancers. A total of 33 musicians combined on Friday 16, Saturday 17 and Sunday 18, always at 20:30 at Alabanda (C/ Miguel Servet 15, Metro Lavapiés o Embajadores). The entrance is 5 € per day, with at least 3 concerts, so cheap! Chefa Alonso has organised it and will be directing both orchestras. To see the instruments and ensembles click on the image on the right.

June seventeen, 2010
summer is outdoors

Thursday 1 July, 20h
My new band! I'll play in Experimetal Little Monkey at Autoplacer, Picnic Sessions at CA2M. Our debut as a band.

Friday 2 July, 19:30-22:30h
Acoustic Sunset Blitz in the gardens of the Templo de Debod, Madrid. I'll sing in an improv ensemble with percussion, cello, soprano sax, tuba and double bass.

Saturday 3 July, 14:30h
Sef at the charity sale of the Indonesian embassy. Gamelan concert at 12:00, food and sale all morning, Sef at 14:30 and Wayang shadow puppets at 16:00.

Sunday 4 July, 13-15h
Closing of A través del cuerpo and presentation of the publication I made documenting The Kiss in Mediodía Chica.

Video: Autoplacer, Picnic Sessions at CA2M.

June twenty four, 2010
The kiss

Tomorrow will be the opening of A través del cuerpo in Mediodía Chica , a collective exhibition on the subject of the body.

I will arrive at 21:14 to share a kiss with anybody who wishes to take part in the performance, until the closing of the opening which will be around midnight.

More information and a beautiful teaser text by Juan Pazos, here.


June seventeen, 2010
Next concerts and moves

Thursday 17 June, 21h
Sef at Sofa Underground IV, free with invitation.

Sunday 20 June, 12h
Dancer in the tap dance school Contaptoe's show. Teatro de Casa de Vacas, Parque del Retiro. Entrance 5 euros.

Friday 25 June, 20h
The Kiss, intimate-public performance during the opening of A través del cuerpo, a collective exhibition in Mediodía Chica.

Photo: Diego Barrero.


June seven, 2010
Conducciones III in
Móstoles' CA2M

To the museum! The Centro de Arte 2 de mayo of Móstoles (CA2M) will hold the third edition of Conducciones, an interactive conducted improvisation event. With the help of my friends from FOCO orchestra and more, we will invite the audience to direct the orchestra through a selection of signs I will show.

It's all free and there is plenty of space for you, your friends and families on the splendid terrace. Picnic sessions is the summer festival we will be aprt of, this year with loads of amazing activities in it's programme. The date: Thursday 10 June, from 21:00 (after the presentation of HTM).

Photo: Studio Banana (Conducciones I, 2008).


May fourteen, 2010
Saturday pieces:
puzzles and skulls

After the wonders of Reformance and everything we experienced, I feel different and prepared somehow. Tomorrow I will perform my first performance, Artist with puzzle, at Off Limits (map) inside the exhibition 6 euros: prácticas artísticas y precariedad, the same one as the piñata (see April fourteen). Núria Güell's piece consists in renting her own exhibition space and I will occupy it Saturday 15 May from 12:00 to 14:00, the full opening time of the gallery on the weekend, putting together a puzzle with whomever wants to help.

When night falls we will launch Mortland at Mediodía Chica, where it can be purchased. It is a collective comic book put together by Puño and friends from Ultrarradio who, following some funny premises, invited over twenty illustrators to collaborate, me included. I Sef will play some songs and there will be drinks, a friendly reunion.

These lovely figures were arranged by my friend Puño.


May seven, 2010
Reformance: Recycled performance festival

My dear friend Claudia and I have organised a small and ambitious festival combining two of our greatest passions: performance art and creative recycling. After opening a call for submissions at the end of March, we have programmed a selection of nine pieces including reinterpretations of works (ranging from the faithful to the subjectively modified) by Gaston Bachelard, Isidoro Valcárcel Medina, Steve Reich, Yoko Ono, Valie Export, Hannah Wilke, Yves Klein and Gilbert & George. As it is free and open to any person who wants to live the experience, I will be grateful if you help spread the word. I think it is going to be beautiful. See you around the neighbourhood then!

View the project and full programme here. It's only in spanish for now, as the festival will take place in Madrid. In eight weeks we'll update the site with the results in both english too.


May four, 2010
A Fancy concert of three

Triple audiovisual concert with Sef (me), Fancie, impossible californian in Berlin and Takosuke, mysterious link that unites us!

Thursday 6 of May at 9:15pm in Espacio Menosuno (La Palma st. 28: map), one of my favourite galleries in Madrid that has kindly offered to host this unique, rare and necessary meeting (thank you Mario!), for those who have not been in contact with the art of Fancie. I am still jaw-droppingly digesting her combinations of castanets, deep voices, synthesizers and yellow lamborghinis.

Some weeks ago she sent me an e-mail asking if I could help her find a concert here in Madrid. Fascinated by her melodies and aesthetic universe, I searched like crazy for a way of getting her to play in the city and this triple concert is the result: some acoustic music by myself, electric and electronic music along with video projections by the two bizarre characters I will introduce.

There will be an entrance-donation fee of 3 to X euros depending on one's capacity and musical satisfaction.

April fourteen, 2010
6 euros, a piÑata full of coins and a concert

Two nice dates for next week: a concert and a group exhibition.

On Tuesday (20 April) I'll play a small concert at 20h in Espacio F, an art space in the middle of commercial area Mercado de Fuencarral. The address is Fuencarral 45, local 4 planta sótano. Later Dosjotas will participate and I'm being told cocktails will be served...

Then Thursday (22 April) at 20h: collective exhibition 6 euros at Off Limits opens. I participate with Claudia as Miranda & Mir�n: our mother's surnames are short and go suspiciously well together. Our piece, selected by curators Cabello/Carceller from over a hundred submissions, is an action-installation titled Contra fortuna no vale arte. It takes place during the opening so be sure to come and bring a euro!


March twenty three, 2010
Foco orchestra
weekend concerts

Chefa Alonso, one of the persons I have learnt the most from in improvisation, will be directing Musicalibre's FOCO orchestra this weekend. I'll be singing and moving around as usual.

Friday 26 - 21:30 h
Trio: Ricardo Tejero / Jorge Frias / Julián Bonequi;
FOCO orchestra
La Casa de los Jacintos
(C/ Arganzuela 11).
Entrance: 3 euros

Sunday 28 - 20:00 h
FOCO orchestra
Alabanda (C/ Miguel Servet 15).
Entrance: 5 euros.

Musicalibre's blog.


March seven, 2010
Sef in concert. Some songs of/by women

Celebrating the international week of women, I was invited to play a concert at NUDO Encuentro de creadores. I wanted to do something appropriate so as well as my own songs, I will be performing some originally written or played by great women that have touched my life. I don't want to spoil the surprise, but the covers will range from Billie Holiday to Björk, among others.

This will be my first concert without dear Nathan since he left, so it could be interesting to see what happens as Sef, solo again, after what we learned.

The info: Thursday 11 at NUDO (Palma st. 18, metro Tribunal), 22:30. Punctuality is important for there will be a performance by Paco Nogales later in the same place, and I want to sing something important to you!

My brother Gustavo Fernández took this photo and little Bessie is showing me the way. Oh and the concert will be free. Bring everyone you know.


January eleven, 2010
The lil' goodbye tour

These upcoming weeks we want to play as many concerts as we can to say goodbye: excellent musican and sweetest person Nathaniel Robin Mann (Dead Rat Orchestra) is leaving town. I will post the dates below as they come up. Photo: Mad is Mad.

We are looking for more gigs soon, let me know if you think of something (e-mail above)!


February eighteen, 2010
GlÜck: concert for kids

María at Glück, niños con suerte (it means Lucky kids) invited me to play a gig at her shop. This will be my first concert for kids (though grownups are not excluded of course). I've prepared a new song for the occasion, Oda a los cinco sentidos (Ode to the five senses). Glück is on Velarde street 12, Madrid (metro Tribunal). Saturday 20 at six.

My dear friend Rocío Ballesteros prepared this nice flyer and will be drawing on the chalkboard wall while Nathan and I sing away.


February eight, 2010
Singing in the orchestra

I will sing in FOCO orchestra during Hurta Cordel, the annual improvisation festival in Madrid. Every year the orchestra invites a different director from around the world to come and work with us, 2010's being Keith Tippett. This photo with me yelling to the left is from 2009 with William Parker directing and Patricia Nicholson's choreography. A great experience! You can see the program and get tickets to the festival for just 3 euros at La Casa Encendida.


January seven, 2010
Bears, illustrated: free downloadable calendar

Happy new year! A good way of starting it is hanging a beautiful illustration of a beautiful man on the wall, no? The Bears, illustrated collective calendar project (featuring some very fine illustrators from around the world) is now online and ready for you to download for free at it's own website I just finished (thanks for the code help Reif).

Remember to visit the website throughout the year. Coming up next, I will upload the sketches for all twelve illustrations...


December fourteen, 2009
Workshop to concert: your childhood dreams

Once in a lifetime concert! We are ending our Childhood dreams workshop (what did you want to be when you grew up? Me, a magician) with a polyphonic explosion. Our restless students will perform a brief composition of three movements inside the central courtyard of the IED Madrid on thursday the 17th and you are all invited!

Pablo Serret asked Nathaniel Mann and myself to teach an eight week experimental workshop for the entire first course of IED Madrid Fashion Lab 2009, something that would unite and excite them in their first year as fashion design students. It has been an AMAZING experience and I am sad it comes to an end but joyful for everything we have done. Teaching is my new addiction and future profession I hope!

"Mamá pagas por esto" means "Mom, this is what you pay for", it is the title our students chose for their concert when we asked them to name it. They are a lot of thugs but we love them!

The concert shall being at 6 PM sharp in the beautiful Altamira Palace. IED Madrid, C/ Flor Alta 8. Metro station: Callao. It can also be seen live through streaming here, but nothing can even compare to the raw sound of dozens of voices singing around you, that and a few surprises...


October twenty five, 2009
Audio-guide in a box. Organise a home show!

The very kind Fast Gallery people invited me to participate along with four other artists in their new project: Para llevar ("To go"). An edition of 50 kits containing five hand-made art objects. An honour and a chance to experiment with something new! My contribution is a bag that includes: CD, booklet of instructions, closed envelope and a little box. The kits are a hand-signed edition of 50 made with sweat and joy, available for purchase (and more info on the other artists) here.

They will be shown in Fast Gallery's own stand at ESTAMPA 09: International Print and Contemporary Art Editions Fair from October 28 to November 1, when Nathan (Dead Rat Orchestra) and I will be playing a warm Sunday concert bearing ukuleles, mbira, cane and baby piano. Do come and say hello! Kit photo by Eduardo B. Muñoz.


September twenty eight, 2009
Ten days making comics all day (in Serbia!)

Just returned from a great trip to Belgrade. As one of the five memebers of the spanish team of illustrators, I spent ten days drawing collective comics with people from Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia through Strip-it, a youth exchange put together by Platform Spartak. A wonderful experience and my return to comics!

There will be a published book with all the results in early 2010, which I can't wait to see. Now to keep the comics coming with this good rhythm...


September fourteen, 2009
Group exhibition in Mediodía Chica: toys

I was invited by Mediodía Chica to participate in "Caucho, tela y otras pieles", a collective exhibition of toys and dolls. Artists from around the country and beyond have made a toy of some sort. I'm afraid I won't be able to go, for I am travelling to Serbia (a fascinating new project coming up!). If you go and take pictures, please send!

Friday 18 to Sunday 20 at Mediodía Chica, 10. Metro: La Latina or Puerta de Toledo. If you come upon my piece, a big head with rotating elements, remember to go ahead and play around with it's face.


June twenty six, 2009
Shinobi in white style tribute to Nagi Noda

I have just updated The Cloud Society with "The fall", the new and first really collective excercise and the proposals recieved for last month's tribute to Nagi Noda.

This is a still from the video I prepared with the help of my friends Julia, Rakichipum and Rocío who bared with me and my choreographic fever. Also thanks to Mediodía Chica for lending us their back yard. You can see this video and the rest on the Society's projects page.

Remember you can participate: current call is now open!


June nineteen, 2009
DIY festival brings out the best of me

I'll be showing my drawings of men for the first time. What took me so long is a mystery even to me.

This weekend I will be participating in a DIY (do it yourself) festival in Madrid named Dfest '09. I will be showing some illustrations made with photocopies on coloured paper and selling some smiley tote bags and my very first zine! 50 copies in different colours also showcasing my love and admiration for big guys.

Dfest '09 will take place in Central del diseño / Matadero Madrid from Friday 19th to Sunday 20th. Paseo de la Chopera 14, Metro Legazpi. See map.

Lots of info on their blog:


June twelve, 2009
Bigger improvisation concert

My next gig with the improvisers orchestra will be this Sunday 14th at 21:00 o'clock. As usual, at La casa de los jacintos on Arganzuela street number 11. Metro stations Puerta de Toledo and La latina. The entrance costs 3 euros, and the new policy says you may bring your own tasty beverages.

Here's a map.


May twenty six, 2009
Improv and mutilated Brahms at La Latina

I'm playing with the improvisers orchestra after a few month hiatus on Friday at nine, in La casa de los jacintos (Arganzuela street 11, metro Puerta de Toledo or La latina).

Also very honoured to say I have been invited to participate in a group show for the first time. It will take place this weekend at the brilliant Mediodía Chica's venue. They are a group of creative people sharing a common space in Madrid. For this special occasion (we were asked to do something with or about vinyl records), I destroyed a Brahms concert with all due respect and imitation of it's epic and romantic values. This is of course a sort of tribute, sorry Johannes!

The show will take place on Mediodía Chica street, number 10. Metro station La Latina or Puerta de Toledo. Here is a map. The show starts at eight on Friday 29 (I will be playing a couple of streets away) and continues at seven on Saturday 30 (I'll be there!). There will be live music and things to drink, plus an array of interesting and varied artists I myself have yet to discover, yeah!



May seven, 2009
Whole lotta colour and a tribute to Nagi Noda

I just updated The Cloud Society with the recieved proposals for Whole lotta colour, last month's creative excercise. This here is my own interpretation of the premise, which was to take a picture of a group of elements of the same colour. I looked around my tiny flat for everything orange and placed it on the table for a monochrome still life. I did the same with yellow, pink and red but this is the nicest.

The current excercise is a homage to late japanese artist Nagi Noda, a genius to me! You can collaborate with a piece inspired by her work until the end of May. For more details on this and to see all the colour frenzies... visit the site.


April twenty two, 2009
Minimum concerts

Second and last part of ¡JA!'s April blitzkrieg.

Last week it was the Spontaneous exhibition (see below), this week we will have the Minimum concerts. This means musical encounters stripped to the most basic of amplifications, instruments and number of musicians. We will host seven small concerts of different styles. With hardly any amplification (none, in most cases) and in an intimate format, as if it were my living room. All vocals will be heard without microphones, musicians and audience will be separated by only centimeters and the intimacy of live sound and music that we so rarely experience will be the goal that drives us through the afternoon. Yes this is Madrid, we tend to talk in concerts, we have a hard time staying put. This is an experiment and as such I invite you (the entrance will be free) with one suggestion to bear in mind: come with an equally experimental attitude and think that with everyone sitting down and enjoying the quiet, it will be an unforgettable experience. Because it will. Without any specific order, these are the names of the amazing bands:

Wild Honey, 12 0' clock Shadow (brand new project of Eye), Carasueño, Sacramento, Pozo, Juanita y los feos and Thinguma*jigSaw straight from Norway.

Calle Monteleón 26 (map), metro stations Bilbao / San Bernardo / Tribunal. Sunday 26th of Abril from 18:30 until the last string is plucked.

Organized by ¡JA! thanks to Hielo, creative space of Barfutura. ¡See you there!


April sixteen, 2009
Spontaneous exhibition for a single day. Next saturday and never again

Next saturday the 18th of April from twelve to seven I have the pleasure of inviting you to visit ¡JA!'s spontaneous exhibition at Hielo, creative space of Barfutura.

Calle Monteleón 26, Madrid. Very close to the plaza Dos de mayo. Metro stations are Bilbao, San Bernardo and Tribunal (map).

¡JA! is a creative collective with an open roster and in this case some of the creators that will be a part with their projects and presence shall be Alex Gutwil, Ana Bustelo, La Camorra, Blanca Helga, Stereoplastika, Abel Cuevas, Bonus-extra, Pablo Pino, Paloma Checa Gismero, Luis Díaz Díaz and some last minute surprise. Illustration, photography, installations, posters and even an in-situ workshop. We will be there all day long (might go out for some air or sandwiches) and we would be delighted to have you around.

Friday we set up, saturday is the show, sunday we clean up. Sometimes something fast is more fun. Hurry and come by!


SINCE April thirteen, 2009
Call for volunteers: intimacy project

I am currently looking for all kinds of people (the more different the better -this counts for both bodies and personalities-). This project started as an article about sexual habits for the spanish magazine ARTO! with an interview and a nude portrait, both anonymous, of different men and women. As I collected more and more material, I realised I was fascinated by the contradictions and richness of the sexual realm and the people who live in it, so I have decided to continue throughout 2009. The project will possibly end in a book.

If you are interested in participating, don't hesitate to contact me (my details are in the upper right corner of this page). Remember it's anonymous, fun and a nice experience. I live in Madrid but sometimes travel so it's not compulsory to be here.