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Álvaro Barruylle Ayala

from Concepción, Chile

Well, when I first received Christian's invitation to participate in this calendar of illustrated bears I felt incredibly honoured. As a painter I started off while still a child and have led a rather anonymous artistic career since then, working in different areas of the visual arts. One of my obsessions as a boy was drawing muscular men as an anatomic study, which I later left behind to paint other themes, more inspired by the work of Vincent Van Gogh. A decade later, after living a monastic experience and an entire life of sexual abstinence, I came across a documentary about the Bear culture while watching television and felt completely drawn and identified with it. This bearish epiphany led me to discover other artists that were creating works similar to those of my youth. Among others, Tom of Finland, Dade Ursus, AP Bear and later on, Jiraiya. Around 2007 I started capturing my bearish fantasies using pencil and paper during my free time. My subjects are those perfect bears that exist only in my imagination (many times, they are the bear I want to be), that is where they come alive. I uploaded some of those drawings to my humble photolog account and that is where Christian discovered my work.

As soon as I received the invitation to participate in the calendar, the first thing that came to my mind was a vedetto (stripper) bear, something impossible to find in a place like this (Chile), imagining how he would look whilst walking towards me with his lusty glare, set in a mountain of muscles covered with the thickest hair imaginable and that wonderful tool thirsty for sex sticking out from his strap. This was the fantasy I captured using only graphite pencil and stump on paper, a somewhat archaic technique for these computerised times. It's the result of a self-taught boy that drew statues of muscular men in museums and what I have chosen to share with all of you, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.