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Tabo Ayala

from A Coruña, Galicia (Spain)

When I received the call to participate in this project I felt very excited and also felt a great responsibility, for I knew it would be very widespread. At first I didn't want to choose any particular month, so March was given to me. I wanted to create an image that was allusive to the month and that was also understood by everyone, no matter their culture or country.

So after dropping the idea of referencing an important date on the calendar (Irish St. Patrick's), or the weather (March is the month of the winds in Spain), I decided to concentrate on the idea of the 21st of March as the beginning of Spring. This is how THE AWAKENING OF THE BEAR, after his hibernation period, came about as an idea.

I began the work with a simple draft, to have a basic idea of what I would draw, and then asked a friend to help me with some pictures so I would have information on the folds of the cloth and the lighting. With all this I have drawn an image using pencil and stump. After scanning the image I was still able to adjust the lighting a bit more with software. The face of the character is not that of any model or known person, it just came up as I drew.

I hope you like it and that this March the image I give helps you awaken with joy.