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Rodrigo Muñoz Ballester

from Madrid, Spain

I was born sixty years ago in Tangier and ever since a little later drawing has been my refuge. I made this "real size" nude portrait using pencil and pastel, it took me about twenty hours across several sessions. I keep a touching memory of them all. As for him, unknown until then, I have never seen him again.

-Note by Christian-
I tried to get in touch with Rodrigo and thanks to his kind editor I managed to ask him to join the project, as well as confessing my great admiration for his work. I told him about the calendar and he was very interested in participating but at the time was preparing an exhibition and couldn't make a piece on time for the deadline. He asked me if he could contribute an older but unpublished illustration. I hesitated, not wanting to be impolite to the other illustrators that would create a piece for the occasion off the premises I gave them and the exclusive factor I asked for the calendar. But being a piece that fit so well and considering it was unpublished (although I was lucky enough to see it at real size in an exhibition at Masha Prieto gallery a couple of years earlier), I let my excitement lead me and said yes. If you don't know it yet, I highly recommend you get a copy of his book Manuel no está solo, it is a beautiful collection of comics that already showed the beauty of hirsute men, published during the eighties in Madrid. In Spain many consider it a cult comic book, I definitely think it is a treasure in my collection.