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from Victoria, Canada

I chose July because my birthday is at the end of July, and I wanted to draw something that makes use of my zodiac sign, Leo the lion. I love men with tattoos, so I envisioned a drawing of a man with lions tattooed on his arms.

I don't like to design characters entirely from imagination. I think real people have quirks to their features that you just can't make up. So I reference a variety of photos and build a collage of features I find desirable. In this case it's a man with a muscular but stocky build, a full beard, shaggy hair. The end result is no one I know in particular. He's sort of ambiguous looking. Neither old nor young. Maybe European, maybe Asian.

The background is meant to suggest mythology and ancient history, even though the weathered brick, the cloth draped over the ledge he's sitting on and the candle could easily be modern props.

The line work is done by hand in several separate layers and combined in Photoshop. The shading is lightened considerably to give it an Anime inspired look, and some of the details like the brick texture and the tattoo have halftone effects applied to them to give it a vintage comic book feel.