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José Manuel Hortelano-Pi

from Valencia-Madrid, Spain

Ever since Christian talked to me about the calendar I was certain I wanted to make a drawing of Jesús. I had already made one recently I was very proud of and the possibility of making one in black and white seemed very attractive. I asked him to take some photos of himself in an area of the mountains of Madrid I knew he would be visiting soon, and in my mind I had the image I wanted, so a few days later he came to me with a wonderful photo session for me to choose the one I liked best. Upon seeing his photos I realised my expectations had been surpassed, and what I had imagined seemed like the least desirable option, for there were other photos, like the one I ended up choosing, that were far more interesting to draw.

To make the drawing I wanted to try out something I didn't yet fully control and that I had never been satisfied with. I used my graphic tablet to paint with a very fine digital brush, never augmenting it's stroke size to try and give the final result an etching look. As it is a very mechanical procedure I could draw a large part whilst talking on the phone with Jesús those days, so part of the drawing was made while we were in direct contact. I think it is the closest thing to a "posed" drawing I have ever done.