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Christian Fernández Mirón

from Madrid, Spain

For my illustration I decided to wait. I wanted to receive the eleven drawings of the invited artists to see what kind of men were represented and portray the type that was missing. Though I was familiar with each of their work, I didn't know if there would be less fat, older, red-haired or moustached guys... and while I waited with great curiosity, I encouraged the illustrators to do what they really felt like, to portray a guy that they found extremely attractive, whether he was fictional or based on a real person. Then I thought I should be doing the same -this is the only guarantee for great results, that they come from the most honest curiosity and enthusiasm-, so I started to sketch a boy that I would just love.

When I decided upon a pose and framing, I tried out several sketches with a very big and somewhat young guy, not based on any real person though I must say he ended up looking a lot like my boyfriend (hi Suso). I decided to go for a big boy, not overly hairy, with a full beard and a kind smile -this just kills me-. I added the black earring to somehow accentuate his youth seeing that most of the calendar boys looked generally older. This is not a bad thing but I always try to compensate imbalances like that.

The drawing is made with blue pencil to avoid messing up the page, as I use many lines to sketch and shape elements, as if I were sculpting them. I inked with a brush and added the body hair last, scanned the drawing and digitally cleaned marks and spots, also adding contrast and adjusting all the grey tones so that the result was the best it could be on a home printer.

You never know, but I think giving a lot of freedom to the artists and insisting on the fun we should have with our illustrations was a good idea and the end result is a varied display of cute, hot, beautiful men, bears, whatever. Instead of hating the standards, I think you can defy them and broaden the margins of what is true or beautiful.