Language: English / Castellano


by Ruboart

from Barcelona, Spain

When I got the call from Christian on my mobile explaining his proposal, the first I felt was very honoured, as it was a recognistion of my work and I said yes almost immediately.

Since I was little I have been in love with illustration, paradoxically my first influence were the "Vargas Girls", paintings of beautiful american women in Playboy magazine made by Alberto Vargas, casually a fellow countryman of mine. I would spend hours admiring those paintings to extasy and I would imagine their opposite... what would "Vargas Men" look like?

It wasn't until my near adulthood and the appearance of Internet that I discovered those illustrations did exist, that there was a small group -but still relevant- working on this theme and since then this is what I want to do.

The Bear Man is no doubt what attracts me, and I'm very happy that this concept is being claimed for today. The hairy, the burly, the rough... have always been synonym to "manly" for me and this is why I too want to homage them.

This illustration was made with indian ink for the character, the tire was drawn with black pencil and the background is a gradient made in Photoshop.

I preferred the drawing not to be subtle but explicit, like an invitation saying "Here, take what you want". Well, with that menu...!

After all a Pin-up like Christian suggested... finally a "Ruboart Man".

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