Language: English / Castellano


by Don Chooi

from Auckland, New Zealand

Title: Truckstop Delight

The idea for this piece started when I was reading a piece of erotica online which fueled my imagination. The truckers in my mind are burly, uncouth, and downright sleazy. I always wondered what they did on the road and off the road, their actions remaining a mystery as they travel alone across the big, wide country, so it was exciting to have the opportunity to illustrate this piece for Bears, Illustrated.

The only apprehension I had was that this illustration was to be in monotone. All my works have always been full color so this was a bit of a challenge for me as I had to rely on putting details in that can work as a single color piece.

I usually have a pretty good idea in my head about the subject matter. I do start out with a few quick sketches, determining the best perspective and approach. I like my men to be big (muscled or chub, it didn't matter) and hairy. And a blue collar red-neck. And horny. With a hint of deviancy.

My next step is normally just to jump straight from the quick sketch to a pencil outline but without any details. These are all added in the pen / inking stage. My style has often been described as quick and expressive and I don't disagree. Sometimes the piece just comes together and in some cases, I have had to rip up the paper and start again - these cases being that the expression wasn't right, the pose just wasn't working or the character didn't resemble anything like what I imagined him to be.

From the inking stage, I get to determine the shadow areas and where the highlights should be. And this is also when I get to add details like the type of clothing, the hair and the objects in the scene around the character.

From the inked drawing, I scanned it in high resolution and then used Photoshop to clean up the scan and make the lines sharper and cleaner. I then added texture and shading to further enhance the effect of shadow and highlight into each component of the illustration - the clothing, the character (eyes, body, and hair) and the background. Each of these components was treated as a separate layer in Photoshop for easier management and correction.

The piece was initially finished as a single character composition and in a typical size which I am used to draw in. In a square format, this illustration didn't look right and I was kind of disappointed with the result. Then I had an idea. Just add a a second character - a hitchhiker - into the scene! And it could be the same guy from the magazine cover the truck driver was reading! So I then took the time to render that second character and placed him into the window looking in, turning the scenario around to make it look like the hitchhiker climbed on the side of the truck, looking into the truck to look for the driver to ask for a ride, maybe? And then to catch the truck driver lazily having a self-pleasuring moment and in his hands with the magazine that featured the hitchhiker. The trucker could have been thinking, "HEY! You're HIM and you're here! I can't believe it!" That moment would've been the trucker's fantasy cum true!

Finally I was pleased with the end result and it all came together. I hope you enjoy it as much as I had working on this.

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