Language: English / Castellano


by The Faka

from Bahía Blanca, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina

The idea of participating in this project is exciting, to be able to share this space with artists I follow and with this particular subject matter thrilled me from the start. The month I got was April, I didn't give much importance to it in the drawing because it isn't a month that says anything special to me.

Since I was a young kid I've moved in the underground hardcore punk scene, and that's where I started receiving influences in many ways: ideologically, artistically, musically and aesthetically. With this drawing I tried to somehow homage all that formation, the "scene bears". I also work as a tattoo artist so I let that flow freely in the design of the illustration, along with small references to bands that have had an impact on me. In conclusion, I tried to show another kind of beauty in the wide bear spectre.

From the technical point of view the drawing is made entirely with pencil (I attached the original sketch). I like to work with reference photos though in this particular case I didn't, I let my mind do it's thing and tried to convey all the features I find attractive in a man. I added some textures with PS in the clothes, as well as the stickers and patches of different bands. The background is the view from a friend's house in the neighbourhood of Avellaneda in Buenos Aires, I wanted to include an urban touch to it, and what better place than where one lives and moves around.

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