Language: English / Castellano


by Javi Peces

from Madrid, Spain
blog / comic

"For J-osete light products and Epilady are the true Mass Destruction weapons".

Being those the very first words I read about the Mi cockring no me deja pensar project, it was hard to not continue.

What most surprised me was that, despite it being a gay themed story, and having a hot bear as the main character, it had no porn sequences in it.

So I talked to the writer and told him I was interested. As soon as I could I started making sketches and drawings based on what I had read. And I think it worked.

You won't find huge cocks and gratuitous sex scenes while reading Mi cockring..., instead you will find a tranny who longs to become Lady Di, a woman who thinks she is the armed hand of God on Earth and a catholic fanatic who is sharing a flat with his two cousins, a bear and a lesbian.

But what you will find most on its pages is humour, lots of humour.


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