Language: English / Castellano


by Christophe Marchetti

from Chalon-sur-Saône, France
flickr / blog

When I work on "bear art" I usually don't make any preliminary sketches. I kinda have a direction I want to take, and the overall feeling I want to convey and start with that... I like to work that way to try and keep the spontaneity of the image and to keep the life in the drawing.

It results in many different tries, sometimes very far from the final image, but I like it that way and allows me to be surprised by where it takes me. So here are the first versions of the "pin up" on which I concentrated, this being a calendar.

When I finally end up with a character I'm satisfied with, the rest of the image comes naturally. August is a time of the year I love: last month of the summer, a time when the body can breathe and come out, and of course a time for beautiful bears.

So this is the making of the final image, starting with the main character around which the other elements build up. Once I'm OK with the image, all is left to do is the final tones and, ta da, the August man is here.

I usually don't work a lot on bear-related material. It's funny though because it seems I never lose an occasion to include some bearish-chubbish guys in my regular work.

But I loved the calendar idea, and tried my best to convey this "August" feeling, when sun and heat are all around and you can't take your eyes from that guy standing under the tree.

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