Language: English / Castellano


by Bear King

from Rosario, Argentina

I find the robust or tubby man extremely attractive. Without being necessarily muscled or bearing perfect proportions. I don't discriminate tall or short either. I adore the curves formed by the excess of flesh. I am fascinated by the texture added by body hair. The challenge for me, when drawing, is to come up with a sexy pose. An attitude that provokes excitement, as well as generating the ambient that comes with lights and shadows cast on bodies.

My work as an illustrator oscillates between comics and digital painting. Lately I've decided to spend some more time portraying the men I imagine as ideal. The protagonists of my fantasies.

The process:
When I got the opportunity of collaborating in this project the first thing that came to mind was to make a Pin-up. Nothing more appropriate for a calendar. I work digitally throughout the entire process, but funnily enough I do this as if I were using pencil and paper the whole time.

1. The sketch. Made with blue lines, I define proportions and pose.

2. I clean up the lines. I add the colour looking for the way I will light the subject. Usually I have that idea clear from the start, but I sometimes change my mind if I see some detail I'm not satisfied with.

3. The game with digital paints begins. In this case I chose watercolours. This is where the texture begins to give a more crafty feel. The last thing I paint is always the body hair.

4. Once I'm satisfied with the painting, I'll add the background I did separately. In this case I chose a neutral scenario, to not distract from the character's synthetic lines.

5. Finally I add a little more texture to the entire drawing. I convert it to grayscale and give it a pinch of contrast. Finite.

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