Language: English / Castellano


by Jimjim

from Paris, France

I'm 28 years old and I live in Paris, where I've worked as a graphic artist for 10 years. I'm self taught and mostly work on the computer, even though I really like traditional techniques that I'm trying to use more: painting, ink and brush.

I wanted to do a drawing for a winter month because I appreciate the peace and quiet of the season. I live in a noisy city, so I enjoy the silence of winter. I also wanted to take advantage of the subtle lighting you find in the winter.

I tried to show relaxation and well-being. At first, I wanted to have him holding a mug with a hot drink. In the end, inspired by my boyfriend's kitten, I decided to put a cat on his belly, which adds to the feeling of calm.

As for the method, I make several small sketches by hand on paper to explore the directions I could take. I then scan the image and trace it onto the computer, before coloring the image. I mostly use Painter/Photoshop. I usually work in color, which is what I did here before converting to black and white.

Thanks to my Markypoo for translating this ;)

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