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Bears, illustrated is a free downloadable calendar featuring twelve artists from around the world homaging the men they love and admire. This is a project about beauty and desire, a non-profit initiative putting together do-it-yourself philosophy and artistic quality. We hope you enjoy it. If you do, spread the word! What you love is important.
This year's calendar comes in spanish, english and french, the three languages spoken by the collaborating artists from cities like Atlanta, Barcelona, Auckland, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Madrid, Manchester, Chalon-sur-Saône, Rosario, Caen, London and Paris. Find out more about them and the story behind the original artwork each of them prepared for the project in the section below. Check out our BLOG too, and write to if you wish to receive news and updates, or say hello. Now for the calendar:

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2. Print

3. Hang

This project has been organised by Christian Fernández Mirón. Thanks to the artists for their generosity and beautiful work. Get in touch or learn about similar projects at his site Comments, suggestions and feedback in general is very welcome. I hope to continue next year with yet another edition for 2012, enjoy!

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