English / Castellano


by Kyle Letendre

from Chicago, USA

Over the past few years, my image of an ideal man has changed dramatically and I thought of my contribution to the Bears: Illustrated calendar as a marker for where I am at the moment. I found a portrait of the French author Emile Zola on the Flickr Commons (search word: beard) that I thought was a perfect starting base. There are a considerable number of male models and other frequently photographed men that look as though they walked straight out of the 1890's and onto the Sartorialist. Philip Crangi is a great example: his hair is neatly unruly and his clothes are simple, sharp, and exquisitely tailored. I appreciate attention to these old values of menswear and adding something new to them. That contradiction is something I'm increasingly fascinated by and since I've been struggling with the bear community's frequent obsession with hyper-masculinity, I thought this was an appropriate place to draw inspiration. I added a pair of coke-rim glasses and a messy up-do to freshen Mr. Zola up, and because I'm a sucker for nice hair and great specs.

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Sketches will be published soon!