English / Castellano


by Aaron Smith

from Los Angeles, USA
website / blog

For the past few years, I have focused my art on the beauty of the male figure, particularly on bearded gentlemen of the Victorian/Edwardian periods. There is something so alluring about those masculine blokes posed stoically in their finest clothes… something sweet, and a little mysterious. I also have quite a beard fetish.

As time has passed, the work has found an audience in the Bear Community. That’s been a delight. It was an honor to be asked by Christian to participate in this project. What great company!

I think of myself primarily as a painter. In fact, I’m known for a vibrant use of color. For the present image, I produced a monoprint, a medium that allows for a painterly mark. Basically, I painted the image with black woodblock ink on a large piece of glass. Covering the wet drawing with moistened grey printmaking paper, I applied pressure with a roller to produce a single reverse-image print. After it was dry, I enhanced the print with highlights of white gesso; applied with a brush. For me, I want my work to reflect a direct reaction to what I'm seeing and feeling; gestural and spontaneous.

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Sketches will be published soon!