English / Castellano


by Mathias Sielfeld

from Santiago de Chile

May in Chile means autumn and in other parts of the world it is spring, yet both seasons are ideal for going to the forest to hunt hairy bulky bears.

For the main character I wanted to collect some of my preferences in one stereotype: a fat and hairy man with a big belly, tattoos, bears and a lumberjack shirt.

The creative process for this illustration was, as it usually is for me, a bit of a torture. I usually begin working without a clear idea of what I'll do, seeing many references and making sketches to try out ideas and compositions. This part of the process went on for a long time until finally I found a sketch that I liked. After this the development of the drawing went quickly and happily.

I hope you like the end result and that you have good 2012!

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Sketches will be published soon!