English / Castellano


by Michael C. Hsiung

from Los Angeles, USA

When I was asked to contribute to the Bears, Illustrated project, I was on board since my characters often times are bearded, hairy men.  My drawing for the month of June is a play on nineteenth century practice of bear-baiting. My sketch started off with a hunter / hippie character who is influenced by my interest in early Anglo-Saxon and medieval culture and wardrobe. My drawings usually aren't blatantly sexual, and the interactions are always ambiguous. My drawings usually start with the main character and then I usually build from there, depending on what I see in the sketches. My characters are usually drinking or celebrating, which I think there is not enough of in the world. The arrow tattoo is actually a nod to a friend of mine who recently got that tattoo in honor of his son, Arrow.

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Sketches will be published soon!