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by Grisser Bunny

from Oxnard, California, USA
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Thank you for the invitation to be included in this year's Bear-illustrated calendar project. I was actually also invited last year, but schedule was just insane. This year wasn't too much better, but I did at least had some time to work on this. I was actually livestreaming the process while I was drawing, which turned out to be very entertaining for both my audiences and me. In fact this piece would not have ended up the way it did without input from them so I am also thankful for those who came to watch me draw.

Drawing for me started out as an imitation, really. My older brother used to doodle little cartoons based on this old videogame we used to play called Rockman. The story would be a retelling of the game story but with our own hero -something of an imitation of the original Rockman character. But then again what do you expect from grade school children. When my brother found a different hobby and our hero's story ended I found myself wanting more, so being a go-getter kind of kid I forged on... and thus began my career as a serial doodler. My 4th grade notebook had 80% doodles and 20% work. I stopped drawing for a while when my teacher caught on to what I was doing and showed it to the rest of the class during class time. Asian shame does that to a kid.

My doodling hobby started up again when I moved to the US with my mom for 7th grade school, right after I randomly picked up an issue of Uncanny X-Men. The artwork was drawn by Joe Madureira, which is appropriate since he has been a great influence on a generation of artists. About the same time, I also found that I had the necessary aptitude to further my artistic skills, so my drawings were getting better and better. In fact it was good enough for me to start exploring my sexuality. I started drawing sexual situations, usually with a female and a very hirsute male and slowly over time, the female side was left out of the drawings.... anndd thus begins my career as an artistic sexual deviant :D

For the calendar month of September, I had chosen the theme of fall as the subject of my drawing. And what's better on a cold evening than sipping on a nice warm cup of beverage, snuggling inside a snuggie with your best pal next to you watching the TV? I suppose having a real bear there pushes the drawing into fantasy realm, but damnit, I like big fuzzy things and I am known to be selfish :D Working in grey-scale had thrown me off slightly. It has been a while since I dabble in the medium and even back then it was done on real paper with real warm grey markers -tools which have dried up years ago. If I were to be invited again next year, I'm sure I would do much better, and perhaps have the work fit more into the rest of the calendar style rather than stand out as the cutesy-est one out of the bunch *chuckles*.

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Sketches will be published soon!