English / Castellano


by Beefyblimps

from New York

Who selects the seed of our deepest desires? What cosmic force distributes among an infinity of attributes the dark fur and bulbous forms that will enchant one man, while leaving another enamored by fire-crotches and flab? Is it environmental? Or genetics? How then does fate's vigilant hand intrude?

I try to treat each piece as an opportunity to explore the enigma of desire by panning the stream of consciousness and sometimes pulling out a little gold. My pipe-chomping popeye here may have been born as casual one-handed art, and adoring eyes may look no deeper, but I hadn't the wherewithal to properly impassion his existence until I was invited into the calendar.

My conscious knee-jerk trek away from hypersexiualized porno back into the traditional pinup world of double entendre and controlled ambiguity brought this sailor to life. Though still imbued within every character I make--I hope--is the feeling that their masculinity is exploding not only out of their clothes, but right off their skeletons like inflating balloon animals.

Our deckhand here embodies a curious departure from the de rigueur of beardom to explore my brewing fascination with gingers, rapist mustaches and pipes. Some of my desires--like unbridled beef--are locked in stone, while others are left to vacillate in ambivalence like wandering stars hustling from one constellation to another.

Being Aquarius and a winter-lover sealed the deal for February, and what better than a summery seaside fantasy to rekindle the fire squelched by frigid air outside? (unless you're in the Southern hemisphere right now). I love collaborating with other artists, almost as much as I love thinking how we're really creating the future of bear art and pushing envelopes that will become apparent only in hindsight.

Drawing sexy men is what saddled me up to this obsession, but watching the work evolve over time will keep me bouncing down the trail for life. For me, Beefyblimps exists in the hazy oasis between fucking and thinking. What comes out is usually vulgar, bawdy, and offensive, but to unravel why it came out the way it did reveals a fascinating labyrinth that begs exploration as passionately as the seductive lure of the male body itself.

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