English / Castellano


by Dieter Brandau

from Santiago de Chile

March derives from latin Martivs, the first month of the Roman calendar honouring Mars, god of War and son of Jupiter.

Mars represents war, strength, fertility and masculinity and is represented by a circle and a spear, the symbol of masculinity in many cultures.

I tried to make a representation of what I consider an ideal of masculinity. A normal guy, no stereotypes, no perfect body, a man who is masculine independently of his sexual preference.

I've always noticed that gay art is very focused on the sexual, sometimes in an almost coarse way, which bothered me because this is the image we show of our culture to others or to that young person who is wondering about his sexuality. This is what one day motivated me to express my vision of masculine eroticism, something more dreamlike, more personal, focused on the body but not on sex. When I was invited to participate in this project I felt very honoured for the opportunity and motivated to keep drawing. I hope you enjoy.

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