English / Castellano


by Emo Díaz

from Madrid

I had been wanting to work with a more sexual content, even if in a veiled way, for a while. I've always found the photos guys use on their profiles for hook-up websites funny, not because of the guys themselves but because of those details they don't notice when being photographed: a cute figure that accidentally shows up in the portrait of an otherwise serious guy, a Pikachu blanket on a hyper-muscular hunk's sofa or the Disney Classics collection sitting on the shelf of a Pete Kuzak double. These little things, which aren't meant to be seen and somehow humanize them, improve them in my opinion.

This is how I came upon the idea of how nice it would be to bring these two worlds together: profile pics of burly (and somewhat leather) men and purikura photos, portraits decorated with stickers, cute ornaments, stars, hearts and ribbons. A guy, squared.

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