English / Castellano


by Brute by Simon

from Sevilla

On a certain occasion, many years ago, I went to the movies. The main character was a small man, bald, hairy and burly who played a detective. It was back in those years where one wondered many times about is own sexuality, many doubts to clear, many questions to resolve. And then oooops! All those doubts were cleared. It as a sort of personal epiphany... "Hey, I want one like this... just like this. Now I know".

Since then I have searched for this type of man. Brute is a dream, an obsession, an ideal... My understanding of masculinity. I hope no one is offended by this, it's just a personal opinion.

That type of man has very specific physical features: middle-aged, baldness, extreme robustness, beast-faced with a hint of tenderness, thick brows, wide nose, dark eyes, a closed and dense facial hair shadow or a two-to-three day beard, hairy like a gorilla... and always, always complex-free. A man that acts naturally.

I like drawing an ordinary man, the grocer in the corner, the waiter at the bar where you have coffee in the morning, the delivery man, the gardener, the mechanic... Every day I see some of these on the street, on the television, in films... but they all look like Brute because really they are all Brutes. That's how I call them fondly: Brutes.

They are nothing special, they are not sex-symbols, they're not in fashion nor do they go by fashion, they are not men that appear in commercials or magazines, they don't have fan clubs, few people would go crazy over someone like this and that is precisely what fascinates me about them. They are common men. Discovering beauty wehre few others can find it is quite a challenge for me... and also an entertainment. Through my drawings I simply try to pay my humble and sincere homage to this anonymous man because I consider him a great gap in the world of illustration. And since I have always been a History lover I also adore putting them in a time machine every once in a while and taking them to the ancient Rome, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance... A variety of attitudes and situations: from insatiable sexual beast to paternal protecting figure. From prize strongman to secret lover, another of the aspects I enjoy the most.

For the calendar I wanted to make a big guy that had just showered and was taking a picture of himself in front of the mirror (what a stereotype right?). For an internet profile? To send to someone? A risqué video-call? In my drawings I always propose a small story in a hidden way, always evoked not written, for I want the viewers to develop it through their imagination. Making it in grayscale from scratch proved somewhat difficult because one of the strengths of my drawings is colour and textures. The end result is somewhere between the usual Brute style and a comic-book style which I hope you like.

Happy 2013 to all!

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