English / Castellano


by Neil Bruce

from Dobbs Ferry, New York

The Perfect Host

This is typical of one of my B/W Photoshop drawings. Using the airbrush tools I almost always start with a face on a black field (the rough I have enclosed is about 15 minutes worth of work). Eventually a more detailed image comes to me as I progresss. It is wonderful to have the flexibility to change or expand my "canvas size" and to also work in layers. I often will introduce photographic elements to create a setting (but also to save time). This also gives the piece a sense of realism. In this case the whip in my subject's hand is photographic as well as the chair and background. ALL the the figures and faces are rendered by hand in all of my images. In general these works take 2 to 3 days to complete, and I am often working on other "conventional medias" such as an oil painting at other points in my day.

I have long been a fan of Black and White imagery especially in such classic films as The Third Man, Night of the Hunter, The original Phantom of the Opera (with Lon Chaney), Mildred Pierce to name a few... I feel that so much of the drama & mystery in those films is fueled by B/W. Nearly all my works have a certain edge or balance of power which is about to be played out. Often it is a display of "opposites attract" whether it be physically or socially. Maybe it's the power lifter and the twink or perhaps the gruff old mechanic and the squeaky clean frat boy. Where the action unfolds unexpectedly (to at least one of the persons involved), for me that is where the true eroticism lies; invariably there is going to be the predator and the prey.

My works have been seen in The Leslie Lohman Museum and The Tom of Finland Erotic Art Fairs of Manhattan, as well as several galleries in Provincetown M.A. I also have many pieces included in the recent Bruno Gmünder book: BIG LOVE.

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