English / Castellano


by Loïc Le Dogg

from La Rochelle

I love drawing people. With curves, even better. I put them everywhere, I make lots of them, more or less sexual and decadent, perverted or demonic, monstrous… I like freaks, bad boys, villains. I work with the shadows, my shadows… But I rarely do "Bear Art", I can’t find my place… Maybe because I have never succeeded to belong to any group. Maybe because the subject is too bright, iconic in the approach which I'd like to take. Maybe because hair isn’t easy to draw and I’m far too lazy.

More seriously, there are already so many artists that do it already, and so beautifully that I always doubt about the viability of including this universe in my creations. When I do, it’s a one-time deal, because the idea of an illustration imposes itself or the desire of making an image out of a detail titillates me. It doesn’t go any further. It’s something instantaneous, immediate, not thought out, rather rough and thick just like the ink lines that I draw now on these big guys that finally have something in their underwear.

I like "Bear Art", but other people’s… At least that was before… For this illustration comes at the perfect time. It is the ideal chance for me to profit from a newly developing style, a style with which I have been working for some months through 1980's anime FanArts. A simpler style of drawing, somewhat “clear line” with ink lines that are sometimes thick, without too much embellishment. A style that makes me think I might have found an interesting angle, one that is unique for me, to address the bear in all the splendor that I love to find in him, stocky, gruff, round and why not, with an hard on...

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