English / Castellano


by Christophe Jannin-Powell

from Auckland

Most of my work has a strong influence of Art Nouveau Style. Alphonse Mucha, Privat-Livemont, Emile Gallé and so many other creators of this fabulous period are like close friends now. It took many years for me to integrate these influences without copying even if it was tempting, but using them with a strong understanding of what this style is, and using male character with this style is very difficult as it's prominently feminine.

Symbols are everywhere in Art Nouveau and so they are in my life, every day and in my art… With this drawing I wanted to show strength and fragility linked together. Showing a strong character in a very intimate and sweet foetal pose, hugging a teddy bear. Playing here with the double signification of the word “bear” and breaking the codes. The oak leaves crown as a background symbolizes strength as it is since the middle ages, it is also a reminder of the month through the season, Autumn. The bold outline emphasizes the character putting him on the foreground, creating a depth of field, as A. Mucha would do in his work.

I have made this drawing in two parts (character + a study for the oak leaves) with a blue pencil and worked on it with Photoshop for the final composition and colouring.

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