English / Castellano


by Juan Antonio Siverio

from Copenhaguen/Berlin

My usual work approach is to take a close-up photograph of my model, an ordinary person, and use that as the basis for my drawing. Given that process, it was a natural progression to replace my photographs with those of the artists Torres-Ibarzo as a starting point in a new project: Torres-Ibarzo by Siverio. Beyond a friendship that spans many years, we share a common aesthetic reference, a particular vision of man: the bear. In spite of our different media, our respective works have many similarities (composition, subjects, white backgrounds...). From that shared vision arose the idea of transferring part of the responsibility to another artist; controlling my part of the creative process but springin from a previously established image.

In contrast to my usual method, I am telling the story of another person but using a different language, something external to me, and eventually making it my own.

The drawing bares itself to the bones, showing the smudges and lines of the pencil. Leaving the imperfections and errors exposed gives warmth to a work that, from a distance, seems photographic. But up close the work can be perceived as organic, and you can see a story of how the drawing was built through its different layers.

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