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Gengoroh Tagame

from Tokyo, Japan

It is an honour to collaborate with artists that have worked so hard and for so long in close territory to this project's sensitivity. Considering how busy Tagame is, I was humbly surprised by him being the first of all the contributing artists to deliver his finished work, a beautiful portrait of a husky laborer/warrior in a classic repose position, resting on a tree in what could be the beginning of one of Tagame's scenes of hot confrontation and seduction.

Gengoroh Tagame's work navigates through the violent and dominant side of sexual relations between strong, stoic male chracters. Revisiting traditional symbology throughout the social contexts in which his stories develop, Tagame takes the reader on a ride through passion that is driven and unapologetic, exploring an important side of of gay aesthetics and sexual diversity.

Thanks to editors and publishing houses that share this passion, his work can be enjoyed throughout the globe. I'd like to mention and celebrate La Cúpula in Spanish (who edited many works by him and other gay, yaoi and bara artists such as the great Jiraiya), as well as Graham Kolbeins, Anne Ishii and Chip Kidd in English (who recently published the book The Passion of Tagame, available here) for taking on the enterprise of making Gay Manga visible and available in different parts of the world. Like Bears, illustrated, sharing is a big part of the question.

[Text by Christian Fernández Mirón]

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