English / Castellano

March by

Olivier Flandrois

from Paris, France

During a visit to Paris last spring, my boyfriend received a message through Growlr (a popular mobile app for male encounters) from a guy who claimed he'd like to draw him as a model. Suso said we were planning on spending the day together so he wouldn't be able to go alone, to what the artist responded why didn't I come as well? This seemed like an exciting, possibly creepy, probably interesting experience so we accepted and met Olivier in his studio later that afternoon. He explained how he was drawing a different man each day for his personal challenge, The daily drawing project. After looking at his work, I knew I wasn't going to regret this. We tried some poses while we talked, and finally Olivier asked us to maintain a certain pose together on his couch, one atop the other. The session carried on for over 90 minutes, which was rather uncomfortable for my back but very rewarding once he was finished (you can see the piece here). I immediately knew I should invite him to participate in the next edition of the calendar.

Flandrois' drawings have a classic feel to them: his European influences clearly taking over a homo-erotic inspired collection of pencil and ink works that span from quick sketches to detailed illustrations. Working mainly on paper, Olivier continued with his daily quest and since exhibited and sold works that have stemmed from the project.

I'd like to give a special thanks to Olivier for the effort of making this work exclusively for the calendar despite falling sick so close to the deadline. Merci!

[Text by Christian Fernández Mirón]

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