English / Castellano

April by

Frodorick Fronkonstin

from A Coruña, Spain

Since childhood I've enjoyed drawing. I guess I have that in common with all the great artists that illustrate the pages of this calendar. But I have a problem: I never finish the drawings, mine is a constant beginning, sketching, inking and starting over again... I never have anything ready to show. And as for the human figure, I have always drawn men; my biggest influences come from comic books and as a child my favorite was Tarzan. I was fascinated by his life, adventures, movies, and like all heroes, his characteristic attire: the loincloth. I had made a sketch a while ago but I missed completing it, so if Christian posts it you'll be able to see him as I sent it... but I wasn't convinced in the end, and time was running out. So I made a clean slate. I present my calendar boy, a big man of the highlands, a country that I've always been attracted to and I would love to visit and meet guys as well dressed as the Scottish man I've drawn.

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Sketches soon!