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I'd like to thank Bears Illustrated for giving me the opportunity to appear in this new calendar, thanks a lot!

May, the fifth month of the year, gets its name from the goddess Maia, yet the poet Ovid once said that it's origin might come from Maiores or Elders, as a counterpart of June coming from Iuniores, meaning Younger ones. The month of May is famous for its rains in some parts of the world but also for being the month in which the world starts to feel like summer. It's a month full of blossoming flowers and quite a few holidays, both modern and ancient, social and religious.

The Romans used to perform a ritual on the very first day of May, in which the youngsters of the city left through its gates dancing towards the nearby woods, there they would grab branches and fruits which they used to decorate the homes of their family, friends and loved ones; also they grabbed fresh green leaves to fashion a festive costume they wore to the houses of the peoples they would gift with their scavenged natural goods. In return they would be offered delicious food and alcohol.

While society has certainly evolved quite a bit since the times of the Romans what is true is that we still see the beginning of summer as a reason to celebrate and party, we simply exchanged goods for travels abroad, clubs, the beach, bars and plazas and substituted the garb of green leaves for fresh summer hues or white and smaller and/or more revealing outfits both to continue the tradition of partying in summer or to stand a chance against heat (though it's debatable given how some people actually gain heat due to the revealing clothing around them).

Let us have a lot of fun this May and let's not forget to take care of ourselves and be wise and true to our essence while having a good time!

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