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June by

Jory Dayne

from Utah, USA

I grew up reading a lot of Marvel comics. I'd buy them at the gas station by my house, and because they never had any sort of consistent stocking, I think I just stopped trying to follow story lines, and just started collecting artists — I couldn't get enough of Chris Bachalo or Joe Madureira's line work. I think now, more than the men I draw, I am enamored of the time just spent drawing lines. I work primarily in Illustrator, with a mouse; a lot of people scoff at that, but I'm really very fast, and I like being able to get into the nitty gritty and consider each corner and curve. Lately I've been finishing my drawings in Photoshop for textures and shading, with some collage elements (here, I'm using an old Harry Clark drawing for the tattoos) here and there. For my day job I'm a corporate art director, managing a 20 person creative staff, but I still think drawing is the most challenging thing for me, and it's definitely the thing I love to do most (though it seems I have less and less time for it). In 2014 I'm looking forward to a good chunk of freelance illustration gigs, and to settling into a home of my own with my husband and our dog, Hexl.  

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Sketches soon!