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December by

Luis Loras

from Teruel, Spain

In the dark room

The image I present for the calendar belongs to a series of paintings titled Dark room which I am currently working on. In this series figures and abstract geometry interact through the canvas. Dark spaces inhabited by characters that live and dialogue with geometric shapes.

My painting is born from a photographic base. I don't look for models, they just show up. The photographs I use to paint are all found. They come from social networks or are sent to me by the subjects themselves. They are images which they have chosen to represent themselves or, in other words, which aim to configure their identity in the virtual world; and end up being a file about the aspirations and models that define our time.

Before beginning to paint, I follow a methodic creative process. First I gather photographs, then I make a selection and begin working on the chosen image. My sketches are digital and I work the composition elements with software. I extract the human figure from its context and place it in a pictorial space accompanied by geometric figures.

Upon finalising this first filtering process, I take the resulting image to the canvas and this is when I start to paint. During the plastic process I always have the composite by my side as a reference. I copy from the photo, but its nature is transformed on the way from the computer screen to the fabric canvas, as the action of painting is set free.

The men seen in my paintings my audiences seem real, but they aren't. The drawing comes close to photographic reality, even the models recognise themselves, as they do with the photos of their own web profiles.

This image is a black and white reproduction of the painting Martin, oil on canvas, 100 x 100 cm, painted in September 2013.

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