English / Castellano

Bears, illustrated is a free downloadable calendar featuring twelve different artists each year, illustrators from around the world homaging the men they love. This is the fifth edition of a project about beauty and desire, a non-profit initiative demonstrating do-it-yourself philosophy and artistic quality are quite compatible. If you enjoy it, spread the word! What you love is important. The 2014 edition comes in English, Spanish, French and Japanese, the four languages spoken by this years artists from Tokyo, Valparaiso, Paris, Valencia (Venezuela), San Francisco, London, Utah, A Coruña, Vancouver and Barcelona. Find out more about them and the story behind each original artwork they prepared for the project, below. The calendar PDF can be printed on any A4-size paper with a black and white printer and give optimum results. Check out our facebook page or find us on twitter and instagram typing #bearsillustrated. You can send a message to if you wish to receive news about future projects. This year is the fifth anniversary and something extra special is in store! Now download the calendar and take a look!

This project has been organised, designed and translated for the past five years by Christian Fernández Mirón. It wouldn’t be possible without the amazing artists that contirbute each year. For their generosity and beautiful work, thank you! Get in touch or learn about similar projects at his site Comments and suggestions are always welcome. I may continue next year with yet another edition for 2015, who knows!

You can still see all past editions (full websites, texts and download links). These five years have given way to exclusive works by 60 artists from all over the world!