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January by

Mister Guiang

from Albuquerque, NM (USA)

For the past two and a half years I have really focused my subject matter onto the things I love most. Though they don’t necessarily have to be bears but I have had a long fascination with men’s display of facial hair and of course even more so when their bodies are adorned with fur. Regardless of physique and personality of the individual or character that I draw – I tend to bring the focus surrounding their stern expression. Amongst all the soft and dirty graphite smudges that run amidst the paper – I try to calm things down with a burst of floral motifs scattered throughout my compositions. Maybe a touch of gold or silver pen here and there will sometimes do the trick.

Ever since I have been strictly drawing male characters – I often question myself if I belong in the homoerotic genre or not. Sometimes I just love to draw a cool-looking guy with an epic set of chops and could care less of expressing the act of sex in my image. Once in a while, if I come across a well-lit (and trust me, there’s not a whole lot of good lighting in adult films) porn scene – I won’t hesitate to screen grab and use it as a reference for a drawing. Isn’t it funny where you can find inspirations as a creative?

Well, you can take and interpret my art however you will but I do tend to get the comment that my art looks soft and gentle, which was never my intentions but for the longest time it’s always a recurring topic of discussion. I suppose it could lend itself a good contrast against what I typically view as ‘masculine’ in the men I portray. Maybe it’s best not to question why we love to create the things that we do – but just to keep putting forth the act of creation. I will leave it to you now; to bask in the scribbles that come out of my head and hopefully it will have you come back for more!

Thank you Christian for letting me be a part of the revival of Bears Illustrated. I am honored to be part of a great line up of artists who although are from different walks of life, but tied together with the admiration of what we call ‘bears’. Here’s to more fur-filled art in 2017!

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