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November by

Sarah Borrows

from Dallas, TX (USA) / Twitter

I find nothing completes a bear themed calendar more like a cold season to showcase a brawny man in the cozy comfort of his bed, the perfect setting for spooning. Growing up in the hot state of Texas has taught me to value fall and winter alike, and November was a perfect month for my choice. Ever since I started drawing as a teen, I've always wanted to capture the sexual appeal of characters I loved on paper and as time passed, my illustrations of slender men slowly started bulking up. Hairy or hairless, bare or bear, I'm passionate for my illustrations of brawny men and Bears Illustrated was the perfect opportunity to showcase my first real imagined character in a planned comic called My Big Boyfriend, where Mister, an adorable hairy optimist, wins the heart of a hotheaded egotistical man through his considerate and kind nature.

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