English / Castellano

December by

Christian Cimoroni

from Ohio, USA
Tumblr / Instagram

This piece shows off masculinity in one of it's most commercial and recognizable forms, a Lumberjack. But what I wanted to show off the most was the belly. To me a big, round gut is one of the sexiest things a man can have. There's something powerful but also comforting about a man with a round frame. I've always found bigger men attractive, men that have that "ex-jock" look. I love men that fit the "bear" look, but I've never felt like I could be part of their community being a thinner, not so hairy gay man myself. Bears created their own community for bigger men who felt they didn't fit the slim and toned gay mold. I feel the community has transformed and become a little more divisive and exclusive. The bear community is also primarily based upon a masculine look and that can often lead to femme shaming and exclusion, which is a big problem in the our community. In conclusion I love a big, hairy man and of course masculinity is attractive. But a skinny femme guy is also super attractive to me or a guy with no muscle tone and an average build. Representation is so important so I try to show many different body types in my art. Everyone deserves to feel loved and beautiful in our community.

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