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from Santiago de Chile, Chile

My name is Maximiliano Clipper, I am 29 years old and live in Santiago de Chile, but I’m from Antofagasta, a city in the desert. As a child, I would read a lot of comic books and watch animated shows. They were a great inspiration for my character designs. I was always impressed by the big strong ones, I saw their expressions and movements repeatedly. As I grew older, I encountered men like that and felt admiration for them. I recognised they had their own feelings and personality, that they were vulnerable like any other human. I began making illustrations with these kinds of inspirations, entering my universe.

I started to draw every single day to improve my linework, trying to be constant and perceptive. I tried to draw realistic bodies, but was never happy with the result. I studied forms and movement, creating from what I knew. When I was older, I went to saunas and placer where men socialize, even football matches, and started observing the situations in which men interact and bond. Many of my fetishes started to emerge, and they engorged the imaginary of my universe. Now I just let my imagination run free and the piece draw itself. More often than not, I struggle portraying what’s on my mind to paper. The hand is slower than the brain.

2020 has been different for everyone: maye not as bad, maybe not as good. After all the trials and tribulations, it would be good to wake up in the morning with the feeling that everything is okay, without a worry, and enjoy that life goes on. That’s why I wanted to make something inspired by that feeling of a new awakening, something fresh and new for 2021. An illustration that says «Hi, good morning» for the month of January.

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