English / Castellano

February by

Jota (Marirecords)

from Manchester, UK

When I was about fifteen years old, any guy with a beard and big build drew my attention obsessively. I would go to many rock, punk and metal concerts and see a lot of guys like that there. Seeing the film El d&icaute;a de la bestia helped confirm my obsession for fat and bearded rockers. I told myself I wanted to be like them when I grew older. It was a way of interpreting that what I really wanted was to fuck them. I slowly began to draw fat blokes fucking girls, I even made some out of clay. But I never really learned to draw, I didn’t spend time trying. I never sat down to work on anything specific until I prepared a fanzine for the queer punk band Porkera’s album. From then on, ideas started to surface and during long telephone conversations, I would sketch for hours. That’s how my first underground comics, Otto and Cancaneo Vacacionil came about. In this piece, you can see Otto and Herminio, from my illustrated short novel Pobre Herminio, as cherubs. Herminio is preparing to pierce the heart of a love-ridden Otto with his arrow.

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