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from Athens, Greece

My relationship with rendering the male physique is a very recent endeavour of mine. It wasn't until a few years back that I started to openly draw male nudity and immerse myself in this lovely, queer community, which quickly felt like a safe space. I still discover new creators and models on a day-to-day basis and it feels very new to me to be able to interact with such wondrous people. I tend to be very self-conscious and I do not easily message others, but as I begin to come out of my shell, I get to see this beautiful world unfold little by little. I find beauty in any and all male forms and I'm forever hunting my muse in a different person each time.

When I got asked with picking a month to illustrate for the calendar, I quickly picked March, which is also my birth month! (26th if you are too curious).

I've always really liked early spring, and while fall is usually associated more strongly with harvest, I wanted to draw a farmer holding a large haybale. There's not any colour on the piece, but I think of it as the first golden harvest, after a long, dry winter. If you've caught a glimpse of any of my other illustrations, you can easily tell how much I love colours. It was quite a challenge to work in black and white but it allowed for texture to settle into the piece in a more "starring" manner, which I enjoyed as a process and result!

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