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Theory of Horns (Bullzilla)

from Paris, France

I'm Bullzilla and my project is called Theory of Horns. I am a 31 year old 3D artist living in Paris. Theory of Horns is my most personal project. I represent men that have had a deep impact in my life. Friends, lovers, ex boyfriends, current husband, former friends. They all marked me in a good or a bad way.

My art references are dark and tinted with BDSM aesthetics. I am myself obsessed with monsters and my background is deeply gothic. I do not make 100% gothic artworks through the Theory of Horns project but each of them contains elements of my deepest references. I'm always happy to discuss it so you can send me a message if you notice something you like :)

My point in this specific artwork is to represent the ambiguity between realizing a fantasy and living it. When does the fantasy become a nightmare? Am I still enjoying it? Am I still living it? Am I blessed? Am I a victim? With his arm standing up he seems to expose his body to more pleasure but we can also interpret it as a desperate way to protect himself. We don't know if he is squeezing his cock because he is half soft or if he is just about to jerk off. We don't know if his expression is «gasping for air» or «I want more».

Can you lose yourself through the fantasy?

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