English / Castellano

September by

Boarboy (Joey Ruddick)

from Nottingham, UK

For this drawing I was inspired by pastoral and symbolist painters, and used a combination of a little crosshatching and the typical hardness/softness of graphite shading. I have always loved artists who 'get high on their own supply' (so to speak) in regards to the content of their work. It's quite funny to try and identify when an artist has created an image that, you think, may have scratched a certain itch for them; but also does not cross over entirely into self-indulgence due to being commissioned for something opposing that like a cathedral ceiling. Maybe that's a crass thought, and says more about me than it does them. Either way, I have missed that mark since mine is for a deliberately stimulating calendar, and a centaur is a centaur! Enjoy.

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