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October by


from A Coruña, Spain

As a kid, comic books and drawing were my everything. As I grew older, drawing faded into the background and I didn’t do anything for years. I recently recovered that old love and motivation for drawing, but the eyes of an adult are harsher than those of a child and I sometimes miss the satisfaction of finishing a drawing, however it looked. Nowadays, my gaze strives to portray what is in my imagination perfectly, and that’s never really possible. I’d love to have more time to temper my hand and gaze with my imagination and that the images it creates came through more often. Escape is often necessary and drawing helps, when other means fail. I learned to draw chubs as I learned to love myself, because large bodies, fat bodies, don’t always receive love and you have to learn to love them, just as you have to learn to draw. With pleasure and with patience. I’m very excited to finally participate in Bears, illustrated making something for my favourite month of the year. Long live chubby pumpkins and horny succubi in search of lost bears in the night!

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