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November by

Copper Head

from Bologna, Italy

I started drawing when I was really young. The other kids used to play football, I used to draw. As a teenager I got into underground subcultures, I started going to concerts and playing bass guitar in a grunge band. So my art got enriched by those aesthetics and topics. As a teenager, I also realized I liked men. Big, hairy, butch men. So I started drawing erotic drawings with big men, but when I was young I used to hide those drawings, because I couldn't fit them in my reality. I was very shy of my drawings until I moved to Berlin, where I could finally live my homosexuality. I accepted it completely and embrace my love for big men and sexy daddies. Since then I started assembling all those elements in my art, subcultures, big guys, and my latest passion: Occultism. I'm agnostic, but I discovered to be really spiritual, and all these components are together in the drawing I sent for the calendar. Now I'm 34, I don't live in the party city of Berlin anymore, and I spend my time studying magick, esoterism and alchemical symbolism. I involved the last esoteric book I read in the drawing, because it meant a lot to me, even more during the lockdown. If you don't know anything about Chaos Magick, go check it, and if you wanna study it, Condensed Chaos by Philip Hine is a really great book.

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