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Bears, illustrated is a yearly independent illustration project, a download-and-print calendar featuring twelve artists from around the world homaging the men they love. It's all about beauty and desire outside of the norm, and the value of sharing it free of censorship, sponsorship or currency. This is the seventh edition, the most international one yet! Questioning and expanding what a "bear" can be and the blurred lines of masculinity, queerness and body positivity. Each illustrator has created a brand new piece to celebrate a new year of life, sex and art.

The 2021 edition comes in Spanish, English, Greek, French, Philipino, Galego, Italian and Mandarin Chinese, the eight languages spoken by this years collaborators from: Santiago de Chile, Manchester, Athens, Madrid, Paris, Manila, Santo Domingo, New York, Nottingham, A Coruña, Bologna and Taiwan. Find out more about them and the story behind each of their original artworks below.

B,I is a non-profit initiative. We don't make or ask any money for this, so if you like someone's work, please follow their links and consider supporting their platforms and merch. Help spread the word about the project so it can reach others (what we love is important). B,I is also on Instagram via #Bearsillustrated, Facebook and Twitter (where explicit content is allowed).

B,I has been curated, designed, translated and coded since 2010 by Christian Fernández Mirón. It's become a tradition to celebrate each New year, and wouldn’t be possible without the wonderful artists that collaborate in each edition. For their generosity and beautiful work, thank you! Comments and suggestions are always welcome. You may contact via Stay tuned for the next edition, and maybe, for the tenth anniversary... a book with them all?

Browse through all past editions: seven years have given way to brand new works by a total of 84 artists from all over the world!