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January by Estocafich

from Barcelona, Spain

I'm a comic author and illustrator, and I started a comic publishing house with my twin brother in France in 2004 (

I conceived the illustration series RIDICULOSOS when my colleagues from Studio Bara (Antoine Maillard and Paul Burkel) invited me to participate on their Tumblr (it was a space that celebrated strong hairy men).

At first it was a challenge because my style is very cartoonish, and I wanted to experiment something different with this series, a more realistic drawing, to get lost in the details… I had a blast making the first pieces! So I began making more, more or less regularly. It's very relaxing to draw this series. With each new drawing, it's like having a date with a new man for a couple of hours (well it's actually a triple date: the bear, my Rotring always in the middle, and me).

The angle of the RIDICULOSOS serie is finding pictures of guys I like and that turn me on physically, but that are staged in a rather ridiculous way. I like to imagine the before and after of each photo, the story behind them, why they chose that staging (and why they thought it was sexy)… However, it's important to explain that the term “ridiculosos” (ridiculous bears) is not literal or derogatory… on the contrary, the guys in these pictures are very sweet and sexy to me! I take it all with a sense of humour.

I'm still not sure what I'll do with all these illustrations. Many people don't know that those original photos exist, they think these compositions and fantasies come out of my head! I do want the project to end up on paper and I hope to collect them all in a book one day.

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