English / Castellano

February by Dévrig Bossard

from Brittany, France

Upon finishing my studies, I had a long reflection, asking myself how I could develop my art with the knowledge that I had attained. By experimenting and evolving, I think I found my own balance between what I wanted to do and what my hands were capable of. I was into realistic renderings, but my mind was trying to stylize my drawings more and more. I managed to gather pieces of ancient and more recent art to create a style of my own. I think we never really create anything new, we’re always mixing everything that we like. From ancient Egypt to ancient Greece, Minoan art and a lot of medieval art, stainless glass in churches, to the renaissance paintings of François Clouet, I picked different elements and made them my own. Also from recent illustration like that of Kiki Smith, Wilfrid Wood, Louis Fratino or Jeremy Sorese, I took the freedom of expression, and mostly the theme of gay nudity.

I chose the month of February because it’s my birth month (not very original, I know). At first I was thinking about drawing something linked to the winter, as where I live this month is humid, windy and cold. But in order to respect the theme of gay nudity, I thought of the fur, and my obession with it. Clearly, I wanted to draw some kind of hairy monster, a Yeti, or Bigfoot in a voyeur/exhibitionist manner. A monster I could stumble upon in some deep forest whilst taking a walk, or in a deep nightmare tainted by naughty thoughts.

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