English / Castellano

March by Giopota

from Bologna, Italy

Since I can remember, I've always had issues related to my image. This conflicted relationship has changed over the years, though. Never before had I loved representing the abundance of unconventional bodies as I do today. Through my lines and curves, I want to talk about the feelings that flow through body language, poses, expressions. Fat bodies are epitomies of works of sensuality, of suffering and love. I like to overturn collective consciousness where a single aesthetic is the master. I try to do this through all my character designs but also exploring vulnerable moments like in the comic I made for Oh Joy Sex Toy, regarding Gynecomastia.

I recently suffered a heavy art crisis, where my will to draw remained dormant… that lead me to this drawing, which depicts a shepherd holding a poppy who fell under the incantation of Hypnos. A gentle god who rules sleep, willing to cherish the beauty of the youth. I have quite a fascination with the ancient world and its freedom in depicting naked bodies and sex scenes, that's why I often choose to set my characters in such envirorments.

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